Police used face recognition to detect thoughts to detect

Police used face recognition to detect thoughts to detect

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The Dutch police are going from Friday use face recognition to mind to detect.

That the police have the published versus the NIS. For the face recognition uses a database containing over 800.000 faces.

With special software can police faces in photos to compare with the database. If a match is found, an identity to the individuals in question are linked.

The system can be images of, for example, security cameras or bodycams. Agents bear more and more of this type of cameras.

According to the police, not all photos or videos scanned for faces. This would only be allowed if there is a person in which a crime is suspected. The police expected the software to hundreds to thousands of times above to take advantage of.


In the database used are photos that the police itself has made suspects of a crime. People who have been sentenced for at least one year imprisonment are also added. If a suspect is innocent turns out to be, these are deleted from the database.

The face recognition software may also include a second database, consult with asylum seekers, people whose procedures have ended and visa applicants. To make use of this, the police must ask permission to the Public prosecution.

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