Police Ukraine takes servers seized after Petya-virus

Police Ukraine takes servers seized after Petya-virus

The police of Ukraine has servers confiscated at a company where a week ago, presumably the distribution of the Petya-virus started.

It comes to the servers of generating MeDoc, the most popular accounting software of the Ukraine. That reports Reuters. The Ukrainian cyberpolitie want the servers to investigate.

After the outbreak of the Petya-virus a week ago it soon became evident that the contamination could be returned to MeDoc. Already in april an official update for the MeDoc released, in which attackers form a so-called ‘back door’ had been hidden, reported cybersecurityfirma ESET earlier today.

Warnings ignored

The head of the Ukrainian cyberpolitie said Monday that the company behind MeDoc was aware of security issues. Warnings about this could, however, be ignored.

In an earlier interview with Reuters, said the two makers of MeDoc that their software was not responsible for the cyber attack. According to the two, there is no proof that a MeDoc-updates malicious software is included. Security experts from various companies there, however, evidence has been found.

On 27 June, they were worldwide businesses affected by the Petya-virus. In the Netherlands, the Rotterdam port authority and APM Terminals and parcel delivery company TNT Express, the victim of the virus, that involuntarily spread seems to have.

The majority of victims are, however, in the Ukraine, close to the source of the virus. Ukraine accuses Russia of attack, but has no proof.

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