Police shoots protester down during the chaos of the protestdag in hong Kong

The police in hong Kong, on Monday in a new protest with a sharp shot. It became a protester was seriously injured. The victim, a 21-year-old man is in critical condition at the hospital. All the protesters were during the day on several occasions with the authorities.

This is the third time since the start of the protests, now nearly a half a year ago, and that the police and one demonstrator has been shot. Earlier, a fourteen-year-old and eighteen-year-old protester was hit by a politiekogel. They both died in the same incident.

The protesters, in turn, a supporter of China, is a flammable liquid poured in and set alight. The victim is injured.

The protest was on Monday in the daytime the place is in the business district of hong Kong. This is an extreme case, because it is usually start of the demonstration, when the dusk is falling.

On the video you can see how the 21-year-old protester at close range, is shot dead by a police officer. In order for the crowd to disperse, took the police used tear gas and pepper spray in it. The protesters have used umbrellas to protect themselves. Also, they include plastic crates, to help in the investigation.

The police department said in a statement, namely, that the demonstrators at different locations throughout the city, barricades were erected, and called upon the people to “keep their illegal operations to stop immediately”. The police went out in the statement on the bottle.

The protesters are arming themselves with umbrellas against the tear gas grenades from the riot police. (Photo: Reuters)

Anger and rage, and a new demonstration following the death of a student

On Friday, a student of the weekend, this during a demo at the fall to come. According to the local law enforcement officer, he is in a parking garage, one floor down, in some cases. According to hong kong media, it is not clear why the student has been dropped. This are several stories in the round.

The death of a student caused a lot of anger and rage, and a new demonstration against the hong kong police force. The police department has been accused of excessive use of force and violence.

Most of the protesters since the June protest, the students and the youth. They call for more democracy and less involvement from the Chinese government.


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