Police searches vluchtelingenverblijf in quest suspect Berlin

Police searches vluchtelingenverblijf in quest suspect Berlin

The police in Germany Thursday morning a vluchtelingenverblijf in Emmerik searched in the search for the suspect of the attack on a christmas market in Berlin.

The search took about an hour and there were about a hundred agents involved, reports Rheinische Post on Thursday. It is not clear whether the invasion has completed.

Wednesday were the agents already on the spot, but due to a procedural error could the search did not take place. There was an error in the application of the search warrant.

The police is looking for the Tunisian Anis A. for a long time in the vluchtelingenverblijf in Emmerik was staying, not far from the Dutch border.


A. is suspected of the truck Monday night by the christmas market in Berlin to have ridden. When the attack came, twelve people were killed, while 48 others are injured.

In the truck cab are according to German media identity documents found in the A. he may be lost during a struggle with the Polish truck driver.


According to The New York Times was A. a well-known of the American intelligence services. American officials say that it was known that he was on the internet researching the making of bombs.

He certainly had time to contact the Islamic State through the chatapp Telegram. A. was also a no-flylist of the United States. Also the German services would know that he is as dangerous to book was.


A. was on the list to be deported. He would rather be in Germany to have been stuck, because he fake ids. It was also known that he had ties with a radical imam.

According to Italian media has A. seven years ago, and Tunisia to leave, and he spent four years in Italy. The defendant would, if landed Europe via Lampedusa are received.


Italy wanted to A. turn it off, but Tunisia refused him to take it back. Also Germany has tried. Tunisian media is reporting that the family of A. is answered. That would be no more contact with him.

The suspect is known as a criminal. In Tunisia he would have been convicted for the theft of a truck. In Italy, he had to be put in jail because of arson, and in Germany, he was monitored closely for drug trafficking.

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