Police picks up in schipper from zaandam did district Poelenburg again people on

Police picks up in schipper from zaandam did district Poelenburg again people on

The police Tuesday night in the schipper from zaandam did district Poelenburg again three persons to be detained, please notify the police of North-Holland on Twitter.

Previously picked up the police for nine people, of which Tuesday, eight were released. The ninth detainee is a nineteen-year-old Zaandammer, that Tuesday morning in his home, was arrested for sedition.

The police took in the house during a search under other digital media seized. According to different media, it goes to the vlogger Ismail Ilgun, those videos on YouTube published of young people for the inconvenience sure.

Tuesday night there was a meeting between fifty residents and the public authorities concerned about the problems in the district. The group of young people to whom running was not present.


In Poelenburg, it is already a couple of weeks to get restless. The district came in news due to complaints about nuisance and harassment in a supermarket by Turkish-Dutch young people.

The staff would be due to harassment, fear of the store to leave, and customers also suffer. The young people would also for the supermarket, hard music and passers-by intimidate. Also agents are harassing him.

Monday did councillor Juliëtte Rot, a report of harassment, after she during an interview with NH was harassed. Previously was a camera crew from Heart of the Netherlands harassed.

See footage of the incident:

Camera crew Heart of the Netherlands of the street chased away in Zaandam


Monday night showed the municipality of Zaanstad, the police and the Public Ministry also know that there are additional video surveillance. Also going to the police action against gatherings, there are possible gebiedsverboden and extra patrols.

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