Police of Brussels seizes hard to march against UN-migratiepact

The Belgian police Sunday hard interference due to irregularities in the march against Marrakesh in the centre of Brussels. In the first instance was the protest against the migratiepact of the United Nations without incident, but after the talks on the Schuman roundabout, the atmosphere is still grim.

Rioters threw stones and barriers and belaagden a tv reporter. After a window of a building of the European Commission, was killed in the war, responded to the police with tear gas and the deployment of a water cannon.

There were approximately 5,500 demonstrators to Brussels, and about a thousand tegendemonstranten.

Given the turnout spoke to co-organiser Dries Van Langenhove, founder of the far-right grouping Shield and Friends, another for the wrongdoings of a successful action against the migratiepact. The front was Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams belang.

In the procession was a lot of Flemish nationalist vlagvertoon to see and the geknal of firecrackers to hear, as well as the slogan “own people first”, “left-wing rats, roll up your mats” and “no jihad in our state.”


Police turn water cannon against demonstrators in Brussels

Several countries do not agree with the pact

Monday, a majority of the UN member states in the migratiepact. Included are proposals that other countries can take over. In pact reference is made to existing human rights and klimaatverdragen where refugees are already a profession can do. The states will have no new obligations.

The 23 objectives in the pact are to go about the approach of trafficking in human beings, migration, and allow for safe and regulated migration.

Several countries, including the United States, Poland and Italy, did not agree with the pact. Also in Germany was a lot of discussion about the pact, but in the end, the country agreed. In Belgium got the right-conservative party N-VA out of the cabinet.

According to the countries that do not agree with the pact, the pact or obligations that the national sovereignty affect.

The unrest in Brussels







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