Police in the Brazilian state goes through with ‘deadly strike’

Police in the Brazilian state goes through with ‘deadly strike’

Photo: AFP

Police in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo refused Saturday to go into work, recently an announcement from the government that an agreement was reached. The police cease all of a week, which has led to an explosive increase in the number of murders.

Much of the violence found last week in the poor districts of the metropolis of Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo. According to the police union in the state of 137 people had been killed since the beginning of the strike, a six-fold increase compared to the average number of homicides in 2016.

In addition is there to your heart’s content, robbed and plundered, even in daylight, according to local sources.

Meanwhile the Brazilian government to the peace in Vitoria somewhat restored by thousands of soldiers and elite units of the federal police. Many schools, clinics and other public institutions in the city are closed and public transport also does not drive more. Also, many companies keep the doors closed.


The striking policemen say they are already four years no storage, while their average basismaandloon of 2,900 reais (875 euro) belongs to the lowest wages in Brazil.

Friday night, the government announced an agreement reached with the representatives of the striking politiemedewerkers, that Saturday morning back at work would go. Family members of the strikers denied that. Because the Brazilian police, according to the law must not cease, play the families of agents a large role through barricades outside the politiebarakken to focus so that patrol cars can pay.

Government spokesman Gustavo Tenorio said that seven hundred of the striking agents will be prosecuted for mutiny, unless they Saturday their work oppakten.

Espirito Santo, just north of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the Brazilian states is struggling with a serious budgetcrisis, so many public services are paralysed.

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