Police in New Zealand will find drugslab hundreds of stolen gnomes

Police in New Zealand will find drugslab hundreds of stolen gnomes

Agents in the province of Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand in an alleged drugslaboratorium hundreds of gnomes found.

The owners of the house sold the gnomes, according to the police for money, which they drugs could purchase.

The police raided the house because the owners an extremely high energy bill, and that may indicate illegal production of drugs.


Except about four hundred gnomes, the police also stones pink sierflamingo’s and large plant pots. This go on verkoopsites for a few hundred euro of the hand. The police think that most of the gnomes were exchanged for methamphetamine or crystal meth. “They are presumably pawned for meth,” said a spokesman. “It’s all about meth.”

The east coast of New Zealand was the last few months plagued by a wave of tuinkabouterdiefstallen, report local media.

New Zealand police find hundreds of gnomes in drugslab

Organized gang

A spokesman of the police in the case is unique. “They [garden gnome] they can be from gardens stolen by drunk students,” he says. “But this really is a operation of a well-organized gang.”

The production and trade of crystal meth in New Zealand a serious offence that can be punished with heavy prison sentences.

The police are going to try the gnomes and flamingos again with their rightful owners to reunite. This can be a difficult job, because some of the images appear to be by the thieves to have been painted over.

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