Police in hong Kong used to rubberkogels against participants are not allowed to protest

The hong kong police on Saturday rubberkogels and tear gas used against protestors in the vicinity of Yuen Long. The village is in the north-west of hong Kong on Saturday to the scene of a protest by the police is illegal. The mars, incorporated is one of thousands of participants are drawn.

The demonstration is to draw attention to a controversial uitleveringswetsvoorstel and acts of violence during a protest last week. The march ended at the train station and Yuen Long, where hundreds of men dressed in white T-shirts and 45 passengers injured.

Witnesses say that the demonstrators, many in black T-shirts, to the target. Opposition parties and activists have argued that triads (the Chinese mafia) to be responsible for the geweldsuitbarsting.

Hundreds of protesters have been on Saturday at the nearby village of Nam Pin Wai in the scriptures, in which the members of the triads would be to live in. After the police had beaten up and the road blocks to put the riot police on several occasions we used it.

It should further escalation occur, police said in a statement. The people that are in the area in question, with the request not to panic, and as quickly as possible to return home.

Thousands of people take part in the protest. (Photo: Reuters)

Police fear new clashes

The police have the march banned for fear of clashes between the protesters and the residents of Yuen Long and the surrounding area. In the village, Saturday is a lot of policemen have been stationed around the local police station and have additional barriers to overcome.

The leaders of the region have warned residents in the elicitation itself, going to protect them, reported The South China Morning Post. The hong kong newspaper also reports that there are people who have a red shawl to wear. If there is violence breaking out, like they have with the other participants of the march to protect it.


Men passengers on the protests in hong Kong

Wave of demonstrations in hong kong in hong Kong

The unrest in hong Kong can be traced back to a bill that would have given delivery to China is available. This design is by Carrie Lam, the top director in hong Kong, will be dead. However, there are still demonstrations to take place.

The participants will demand that Lamb’s proposal is to permanently withdraw. They also want the driver to hit the road. The lamb has admitted it stings to have to let them fall, but says that the confidence of hong kong people go back to wanting to win.

Most of the action at the uitleveringswet have been a peaceful process, but a number ended in confrontations with riot police. The protest on Saturday is the first demonstration that the police force is strictly prohibited.

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