Police in hong Kong surround the university, and do not let anyone out

The police in hong Kong have Sunday night by the protesters occupied the Polytechnic University (PolyU) is surrounded. The police, with tear gas everyone inside.

A large amount of the protesters and tried it around 8: 30 a.m., local time, to leave the campus, but it was, nevertheless, arrested by the police at every exit beschoot with tear gas. Also, there are shots and explosions are heard.

Police fire rounds and rounds, or tear gas again at every exit as they try to leave. The protesters are forced to step in PolyU. #antielab #hongkongprotests

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The actions of the police in conflict with any agreement to which the executive director of the PolyU, professor Teng Jin-guang, and it would have to be closed by the police. Would have agreed to the death to temporarily stop the protesters at the campus and provided the opportunity to present themselves on this. The director has said that he personally will see to it that they will be dealt with.

PolyU’s president, said in a pre-recorded video released after the police tried to storm the campus and that he had negotiated a temporary suspension of violence with the police, but suggested that protesters occupying the campus would still need to turn themselves into the police.

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A police officer was shot at with an arrow

At the technical college in hong Kong came on the Sunday morning to the harsh confrontations between protesters and police officers. There was also a cop, are shot at by someone with a bow and arrow. He would have been walking wounded. Protesters threw petrol bombs at police officers. The police are threatening them with deadly force, if the protesters of this type of weapons to be used.

This was after the protesters, two bridges are burned. He is a protester in a white Ford without license plates on the roads to drive on, a group of law enforcement officers, according to the South China Morning Post.

The situation in hong Kong over the past week it has escalated. The main reason for this was the death of a 22-year-old protester. Although it is not clear exactly what has been done to give the protesters the police are to blame for the death of a student.


Demonstrations in hong Kong, coarsening of: What is China up to?

A lot of young people to take part in the protests

Since the beginning of the protests in June, there are already a lot of young people. It’s going to be a generation that has grown up in hong Kong, that is, as an autonomous region part of China, but also don’t be afraid to in order to get to our destination.

The students played a rather important role in the mass protests in 2012 and 2014. They are protesting for democracy in hong Kong, and has less influence from the world. A few months ago, the protesters are in it for the government to enforce a contentious uitleveringswetsvoorstel to take it away.


Tear gas and molotov cocktails were at the university of hong kong in hong Kong

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