Police in hong Kong, set of tear gas and water cannons against protesters

The police in hong Kong on Wednesday on several occasions used tear gas and water cannons used against protesters, who are protesting against the introduction of a new uitleveringswet.

Sunday, went to all of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in the South Asian administrative region of the street in order to independence. According to the new law, defendants in the mainland of China, it will be handed over to the trial.

Earlier, protests were relatively peaceful, but the situation as it was on Wednesday more and more chaotic. So tried of the protesters from government buildings to enter.

Also, threw some of the demonstrators in bottles at the police. The police have tried to respond to the groups of protesters to disperse with tear gas and water cannons.

Some of the protesters to build barricades at the heart of the Asian financial centre of the block. Nearly five thousand troops, the riot police are present.


Protesters block roads to government buildings in hong Kong

The debate about the uitleveringswet is postponed due to mass protests

The representation of the people in hong Kong, the Legislative Council would be on Wednesday a draft law on the extradition of suspects and accused persons in China, are discussed. It’s a debate is because of the massive protests to be postponed.

In spite of the protests, showed Him the Lamb, the head of the executive branch, in hong Kong, on Monday, know that, the uitleveringswet is simply going to be introduced.


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