Police in hong Kong doesn’t allow new protest after geweldsincident

The hong kong police force for Saturday’s planned protest march in Yuen Long are prohibited. The reason for this has been the case that last week’s outbreak of at the end of a similar demonstration in the same village, according to the hong kong broadcaster RTHK.

The police said the public security and law and order in Yuen Long, to want to protect it. The village is located in the north-west of hong Kong, close to the border with China.

The police have said that a lot of people from the surrounding areas at the surface, according to RTHK. The station reports that the police are here, thousands of letters have been received. Cops fear clashes between the locals and the protesters.

The organizers of the march have been in vain objections submitted in relation to the politiebesluit. Several of the protesters say it is still going to actievoeren. The police have warned them that the demonstration was illegal, and says Saturday is a preventive of additional agents to the Yuen Long station.

Masked men have attacked dozens of people

In Yuen Long, was found last Sunday, but a protest march took place. The demonstration ended at the train station. There, beat his men, several of the passengers, with 45 people injured as a result. Witnesses say that the protesters are the target.

Whoever the attackers were, it is hard to say. Some of the members of the opposition, and activists, propose that the triads are responsible for the violence. Two men were arrested, but it is not clear what exactly they are under suspicion.


Men passengers on the protests in hong Kong

A lot of opposition to a controversial bill

In hong Kong, have been actiegevoerd for a controversial uitleveringswetsvoorstel, but, in spite of earlier violent incidents have, to date, no other locations are prohibited.

The protests focused on the government’s leader, Carrie Lam. The more the law will be dead, but the protesters are not satisfied with it. The proposal must be in accordance with them, are permanently revoked. It is also, inter alia, the resignation of a Lamb is required.

As a part of the inhabitants of the uitleveringswet, as an undermining of hong kong’s independence. In the region, as a former crown colony of the United Kingdom until 2047 and a high degree of autonomy, which it has been agreed to transfer it to China.

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