Police hard on against protests in the capital of the Congo

Police hard on against protests in the capital of the Congo

The police Monday hard to take action against protests that are held in the capital, Kinshasa. Already a few days in several districts demonstrated against president Kabila that the elections are a year and a half has been postponed.

The police intervened in with tear gas. Many protestors, among others, on the university campus, wore whistles with them, where they hard on blew up.

The official mandate of Kabila walks at midnight. There would be official new elections must be spelled out, but the president states that the country logistics are not yet ready for this.

Kabila has a demonstratieverbod issued for the capital, but many residents are drawn here nothing of. Many young activists say to be inspired by the events in Burkina Faso, where president Blaise Compaore after mass protests the field away in 2014.

Congolese demonstrators call on president Kabila to leave


Also in other parts of the Congo was Monday restless. So fought against a militia in the morning, a prison in the city of Butembo. It came, according to a source within the security services for at least six people to life.

It’s been months and months of restless in the Congo. In september there were dozens of people killed during the demonstrations against Kabila.

Civil war

Since the Congo became independent in 1960, is politically still never quiet. Various legerleiders ruled the country after former overheerser Belgium had withdrawn.

Between 1996 and 2003, millions of people took to during a long and bloody civil war. In 2003, grip Kabila in power, the son of the former president Laurent Kabila in 2001 by a coup.

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