Police gets 3 million euro back from Microsoft after administratieblunder

Police gets 3 million euro back from Microsoft after administratieblunder

Photo: AFP

The police will not get any money back from Microsoft, after a administratieblunder ensured that 3 million too much on software licenses was spent.

The payment of 2.961.029,11 euro should be seen as a legal purchase of the software, not by the police can be reversed, as the district court of The Hague ruled in a lawsuit that the police against Microsoft filed.

The dispute dates back to 2008. When filled, a representative of the police in that 13.656 employees a special thuiswerkversie of the software package Office wanted to use. That did not make sense, but the millions of dollars was internally noted, and the invoice was paid, as reported previously, on the basis of rechtbankdocumenten.


It was not the first time that a betalingsfout was made. In 2005, crashed Microsoft more than 765.000 euros, after a similar error, but warned the company that it was to be a one-time goodwill gesture.

The court states that the earlier repayment does not mean that the police a second time gematst should be, “in the absence of any legal basis for the police desired correction.

The fact that the police mistakenly purchased licenses have not used is irrelevant, the court, because only is paid for the right to use the software and not for the use itself. The police must also pay costs of 10,000 euros that Microsoft made to pay for it.

Previously stated a spokesperson of the police that a similar error would not be able to prevent, because the purchase of software licenses, after a reorganization otherwise arranged. In a reaction said the police Monday are pleased with “the commandments of clarity in the ruling” and not to appeal.

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