Police found almost six hundred escaped convicts with new app

The Dutch police has a new computer system with a companion app over the past seven months, almost six hundred people identified that their prison sentences were, reports the AD on Tuesday.

With the new app allows agents that sustain, direct, check on outstanding penalties. Were previously such data in various registers which are difficult to consult, which escaped convicts easier on free feet could continue.

Now, agents can easily determine whether people have outstanding fines or penalties. That resulted in 585 arrests. The app also makes the search of woonadressen of fugitive convicts easier.

In the Netherlands, convicts don’t always get stuck after a ruling of the court. That offers these people the opportunity to, for example, to flee to a country without extradition treaty or of domicile to exchange.

Number of escaped convicts in a year time with almost 900 decreased

Minister Sander Dekker for legal Protection is happy with the new system. “That is very important, because it is so unjust when people who are sentenced to their punishment know to avoid,” says Dekker.

Beginning 2018, the number of escaped convicts still at about 11,000, is now the number decreased to 10.164 people. Especially people who have a low penalty had been given, could be long out of the hands of the police continue.

The police has a special team that fugitive, convicted of a situation, but it applies to criminals who are convicted for murder, robbery or abusive criminal activity. That team did last year, 126 people.


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