Police first birds of prey trained for use against drones

Police first birds of prey trained for use against drones

The deployment of raptors to drones to intercept seems to be a matter of time. Eagles are trained for the flying devices, often equipped with camera, as prey. They grab them out of the sky and fly with it to a quiet spot on the ground.

“The first birds of prey are now passed their exam and are allowed to be used”, said Dennis Janus of the police Sunday.

The birds where the police now flies, that of a private organization. Of those birds makes the police use to own birds are trained.

“The police has chicks of the American bald eagle has been purchased. This home-grown can from next summer on drones hunt. It also leads the police vogelgeleiders on.”

Order disrupt

Attackers can drones, for example, to use the of disturbing public order or even use an attack. “Think of events where many people come. Also in palaces, official receipts and around airports are drones not allowed.”

Criminals and terrorists can also drones bets. During an exercise, Monday, at a training location in Ossendrecht, is a concrete threat of a vip (very important person) is simulated. A bird of prey with a drone harmless while security guards take care of the target.


Earlier this month it was announced that in the first half of 2016 for more incidents with recreational drones have been in the last year.

Association Darpas is estimated that there are between 100.000 and 125.000 in the Netherlands. State secretary Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure and Environment) the rules for recreational drones to sharpen.

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