Police find almost 17 pounds of the drugs in the car, that Dutch dealers in the City

The Hungarian police has the drugs found in the car of the two players, who were arrested at the festival in the City on suspicion of dealing in illegal drugs. In your vehicle, it is almost 17 kilograms of narcotic substances were found.

The men, 21 to 22 years, were last week caught up with it. At this time of 451 bottles of narcotics, and 128 grams of marijuana, and nearly the 2,700 ecstasy pills were seized. This means the layers are in their tent & a left luggage.

The police log of Tuesday, once again, drugs have been found, this time in the vehicle of the accused persons. The officers were in the vehicle on the track, after the car keys were.

The defendants did not tell them where the car is parked, but the cops knew it, the Volkswagen Caddy is still to be located. The car was parked elsewhere, in Budapest, in the place where the event is held every year.

Various Dutch media are reporting, based on sources within the atletiekwereld that one of the two suspects, a local sprint Roelof, B. it would have been. The association of athletics to let you know that the case is “research”, but provides no further comment.


Police in Hungary find drugs in the car in the Dutch Festival-goers

Men may be lifelong and the top of the head

Investigators from the police department was in the car for nearly four-thousand ecstasy pills and 15 pounds of marijuana were found. This, together with a value of € 310.000 euros. The drug, which was previously seized, were valued at approximately 15,000 euros.

Of the judiciary in Hungary, had previously been known that the Dutch may be lifelong and the top of the head.

In the research for the car of the accused. (Photo: Police Of Hungary)

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