Police are trying to flee-market in paris Chris Brown to quit

Have a yard sale, that Chris Brown, has organized his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday, almost stopped by the police. The singer would not have a license to use his stuff to other people to sell, something that the later is a false assumption that turned out to be.

Mr Brown also announced Tuesday on social networks for the sale of a part of designer brands. The police have received, according to TMZ because of this, the height of the event will be released Wednesday during a visit to the yard sale, a well-known American phenomenon, in which individuals, in their front yard, or garage for items to sell, eds.).

As a police officer, would be Tuesday at the home of mr Brown went to him to say that the sale could not go ahead, because he did not have a licence at all. Who was the artist, indeed, and he went to his lawyer, who found out that this is a permit wasn’t necessary at all.

According to sources, the police on Wednesday go to the house of mr. Brown, are going to have to try the second one to the end. If the reason they gave for the massive influx of people, but Wednesday morning (local time), there were less than fifty people in attendance.

This number has increased, according to TMZ, soon increased, so that the police, in the street, and keep driving around the block in order for the security to keep an eye on. Those present at the entertainmentsite to know that there are only ten people at the same time, the sale is allowed to visit. It is not known whether or not mr Brown himself, even in the event it was.

DA DA DA DA DA CRIB…. ❤️ A 2 day event

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