Police are clashing for a second day in a row with the Catalan people

Thousands of protesters on Tuesday for the second day in a row on the street in Barcelona, spain. In several places, were violent clashes between the protesters and the police took place. In Spain, there is a lot of turmoil after the Monday, nine of the Catalan politicians have been sentenced to multi-year prison sentences.

The Catalan separatist leaders, the supreme court convicted and sentenced to prison sentences of between nine and thirteen years of age for their roles with the Catalan onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017. Also, the court of justice for a warrant for the arrest of the exiled Catalan, the ex-prime minister Carles Puigdemont. He is currently living in voluntary exile in Brussels, belgium.

Catalan leaders decided to press to be able to continue to be a new vote. They argue that the prison sentences and the call for independence, but it will enhance it. The protesters shouted during the protests, including, “freedom for political prisoners”.

The protesters threw cans and flares at police who responded by batons to be used. Tried to protesters are the barriers to stairs, close to the headquarters of the Spanish government in Barcelona had been. Earlier in the day blocked the protesters, highways, and train station. These blocks were made by the police to be broken.

A large protest at the airport of Barcelona

Protesters gather outside of the airport.
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The protesters at the highway in the direction of the airport.
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Protesters clash with the police.
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The protesters inside the hotel.
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Protesters clash with the police.
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A woman is lying on the ground.
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To have a Catalan flag on the outside of the airport.
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© The protesters out of the airport.

The protesters Monday night in Barcelona, spain.

More than 150 flights cancelled

People reacted on Monday to the decision of the supreme court, by the mass on the street. In Barcelona, they occupy barcelona’s El Prat airport, and blocked several roads, and major streets in and around the city. Violent clashes with the police followed.

Due to the occupation of barcelona, were 110 flights cancelled. A further 45 flights were on Tuesday cancelled due to the aftermath of the protests.

Catalan leader defends protest

The Catalan politician, Oriol Junqueras, has a prison sentence of three years, be received, and argues that the belief that the relations between the region and the united kingdom have but on a sharp turn.

The leader of the regional government of Catalonia, of quimper and lor Torra, the is, it is unacceptable to be called to defend the protest, “We have entered a new phase, in which we have to take the initiative, and the focus will be on the implementation of the right to self-determination.”


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