Police and yellow shirts clash again in France

In several places in France, confrontations between the ‘cardigans jaunes’ (yellow bibs) and the police. Along the Seine river in Paris fired agents used tear gas to protesters at a distance.

That happened on a pedestrian crossing, for example, on statues, but also at the parliament building and the museum d’orsay.

In a number of places were barricades erected and set alight. Also a bootrestaurant had to pay for it. An agent was injured on the Seine quayside, because there is top-down a bike on him was thrown.

The Swedish time Veronika Wand-Danielsson complained on Twitter that the police in no fields or roads was to detect when there in front of her embassy what rubbish went up in flames. “Thanks to friendly neighbors, we were able to the fire”.

It was the eighth time the yellow-hesjesbeweging the Saturday to the national protestdag exclaimed.

Except in the French capital went people take to the streets in Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, reports the newspaper Le Parisien, also with some irregularities.

Emergence demonstrations drops

The police estimated the turnout in the whole of France, previously at 25,000, in Paris, there were approximately 3500. Minister of Home Affairs Christophe Castaner said later Saturday night that there are about 50,000 French campaigned.

The enthusiasm to demonstrate this seems waning. At the first protest on november 17, strike nearly 300,000 people in yellow vests.


‘Yellow Vests’ cross motor and pontoon in fire in Paris

Yellow bibs can ‘go much further’

The movement wrote before the protest in an open letter to president Macron that the ‘bibs’ are ready “much further to go”.

Earlier this week, was the figurehead of the French protest movement, Eric Drouet, a short time detained because of a demonstration where no permission for.

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