Pokémon brings new Magikarp-game for smartphones

Pokémon brings new Magikarp-game for smartphones

Photo: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has a new game released for smartphones: Magikarp Jump.

In the game is mainly made use of one of the few attacks that the Pokémon Magikarp, namely jumping. The user must Magikarp catch it and then train it to as high as possible to jump. This includes the conduct of women, and the holding of training sessions.

The Pokémon may have no other attacks to learn how to jump. However, there is a danger that the Magikarp during the jump is taken by a Pidgeotto and eaten. In that case, the user can again go fishing for a Magikarp.

There are in addition to the classic orange variant different types of Magikarp in the game, for example, with polka dots or stripes. Captures a user a rare version, is that to share with friends on social media.

The game is free to play on iOS and Android, though users can still make purchases in the app.

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