Pogba: ‘One wants that I the patron in word, but I get the keys and we don’t

A lot of talk in the media does Paul Pogba is not, other than in Sport/Voetbalmagazine… Some remarkable passages.

Paul Pogba with the French national team. © ADIDAS

Paul Pogba on…

… his image:

‘There are those who me arrogant, that I the things not seriously enough take, that I have too much on the social media, that I’m not enough dealing with football and many sponsors. And others find Paul Pogba pretty cool, they find that he works well, he makes fun, he likes to laugh, that he does not change, that he says what he thinks and that he does what is necessary. Many people are proud of who I am and where I stand. If they give me in the real encounter, they are always surprised and they say that I’m really a nice guy. For the outside world, I come if not on and therefore they think I have an arrogant celebrity am on them looking down. It’s pretty funny. I’m really just myself. Those I don’t know, let themselves be guided by what they see.’

… the criticism at Manchester United:

“I’m 25 years. I have four years with Juventus played. I played and we won. With Manchester we have already won awards, I have better stats, but I become more and more criticized. It depends of the team. When the team is not running, it succeeds as a player also not and word for it, though. If the team does rotate, if the individual is also better. I stagneer not. I think I am making progress, and more progress can books. But I am viewed with a magnifying glass. Everything hangs off me. But football is not about one player control.’

… its status in the French national team:

“I can be right, play, left and through the centre. I feel comfortable on all of those positions, but it is not that I am constantly on my strengths word is played out. It is as if they say to me, “I want you to be the patron”, but I do not have the keys for the team. If you have a house, but no keys there. Certain things are not in my hands but in the hands of the team. When I am not decisive, I have supposedly not a good match played. I am not judged as a midfielder. I play on the 8. I score goals. Others at my position score is not, are not decisive, but I would be less good than they are… So which word will I be assessed? On my position? My decisive passes? On my game? My what about spot’s? If the trainer today says to me: ‘you play as a defensive midfielder’, what should I do? Do I listen to the media or to the trainer? I don’t have everything in their hands. Paul should be more decisive… I do things that other midfielders do not, but they are otherwise assessed. For them, it is sufficient to balls to recover and the civil society to check, but I am compared to spelmakers, with attackers… I am an 8 and so should be assessed. If I can do more, I do more and then that is the better for the team. But I am not the one that the team draws up, and there are things that I just can’t do.”

Thomas Simon

“Of course I want to be a legend’

Read the full interview with Paul Pogba in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of 20 June 2018.

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