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Economical, Phone Service Providers

Q: I am retiring and need to cut back on expenses. What is the best cell phone plan for people over the age of 55?

A: the People who are in different age groups have a tendency to make use of a phone is different. When we retire, we may not need to have a term plan and a stable income, it can encourage us to cut down on the cost is right. You can get a plan with unlimited calls, texts and data, and you won’t have to shell out huge sums of money in order to do so. T-Mobile is ideal for the budget-conscious. Before you sign up, though, check out the other major airlines are as good, and they offer exclusive benefits to customers of a certain age. Tap or click here to find the best phone plans for senior citizens.

Podcast Gear

Q: I would like to start my own podcast. What supplies do I need?

A: It Is Exciting! These days, it is the start of a podcast is almost as easy as a blog to begin with – you can pick up your phone and instantly post it online, without any hassle. However, before you start to throw the mp3’s in the air, think about the quality of the sound. In contrast to that, the blog section, which just requires you to type in your text, and maybe a few photos, and podcasts have been a bit more technical. You will greatly benefit from a high-quality microphone and editing software. You will almost certainly want to invest in some additional equipment, such as a “pop filter” which protects the microphone is at the “P” sound. If you’re curious to see some of the other stuff, which I highly recommend for a rookie podcaster, and I’ve got a list of the top picks on Amazon as well. Tap or click here for a list of recommended gear is available on Amazon.

Out of the Room

Q: what’s the storage on my smartphone is full. What can I do to fix this? Can I have some stuff to an external card or something like that?

A: for Photos, video, and audio, usually have to take up the most space on your phone. However, you do not need to have it removed. Instead, they are to be stored in the cloud-based programs. DropBox is great for videos and music. For photos, Google Photos is the way to go. Once you download the app, you get 15 gb of free cloud space. The Extra space is very reasonably priced. For more options, as well as the ways to store things on the external cards, and I’ve got just what you need to know. Then, please click here to check out my quick DIY video on ways to make more space on your phone.

Login Security

Q: do I have to have my ex boyfriend my Netflix password. I can see if he is using my Netflix account, I pay for it?

A: If you want to share a Netflix account, you can start to recommend movies and TV shows, the noise is very, very far from it. You love comedy, and all of a sudden, sad, dramatic tv series are starting to pour in for the wait. Also, you can see some of the other people, like your friend, have seen it, because Netflix will keep a history. However, this question stems from a more fundamental: How do you know if anyone has signed up for any of the services, period of time? Friends and family can often guess your password, as hackers and cyber-criminals. If a person comes to mooching off your Hulu or Spotify account, is there any way to find out who they are. Tap or click here to find out who is logged in to your products and services.


Q: I would like to make into ringtones. In this way, when my phone rings, I know it’s from me and not from someone else in the office.

A: At this point, a ringtone is simply an audio file that is stored on your phone, just like the music and the voice mail message to listen to. Smart phones that are no longer needed, the complicated manual programming state, which is the reason why a sound can be virtually anything, from pop songs to sound clips on YouTube. Sounds also began to fade out of the public domain, as are the majority of people are going to prefer the “silent” mode. Still, how to customize a ringtone, it can be a fun process, and when you find it, for the very first time, you will have a smile on it with a personal touch. What you need is a special software, such as AVCWare Ringtone Maker, with which you will have to help to make.

Tap or click here to see how to create custom ringtones

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