Podcast: Cyberagenten undercover on the digital black market

Podcast: Cyberagenten undercover on the digital black market

In the podcast The week of NUtech discusses the techredactie of the main technieuws of the past week. This week we discuss

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Dark web

A good disclosure: the Dutch police is a month-long sneak owner of one of the largest digital black markets on the dark web, a part of the internet is only anonymous to use.

Through the site, Hansa, among others, were large quantities of drugs sold. The police have hundreds of Dutch addresses can collect who were involved in the trade. There is international cooperation to provide services abroad to provide information about the users of Hansa.

How has the police, this action can be run, and what are the consequences for the trust in the dark web?

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Tesla boss Elon Musk is optimistic: he wants a tunnel of hundreds of miles of digging between New York and Washington D. C. In that tunnel must be a Hyperloop, a high speed train in an evacuated tube, go for a drive.

Musk says ‘verbal permission’ for the project, but what does that mean? And how long will it still take such a Hyperloop tunnel really is?

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