Plus-size for men: ‘thicker, men also love fashion’

We hear a lot nowadays about plus-size clothing for women and plus-size models are gaining prominence. But what about the plus-size collections for men? Men want a buddy more than not stylish for the day?

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Diversity and body positivity get a lot of attention today. Fully justified, because ideals of beauty need to be challenged. Only, these articles, blog posts, Facebookposts, and tweets almost always about the female body. However, there are also a lot of men with a larger size who like short work it would make with the prejudices and more choice would like to have while shopping.

Well-known brands to play more often on plus-sizemode for women, there are several plus-size models who set a good example and stars such as Adele and Rebel Wilson are real role models. But where are the plus-size men?

Born out of frustration

Previously we were already acquainted with the Zach Miko, who told about his experiences as a plus-size model. He is fortunately not the only pioneer for plus-size men’s fashion. Bruce Sturgell founded Chubstr, an online destination for the stylish man with a larger size. ‘Chubstr was founded out of frustration. After countless shopuitjes where I empty-handed got home, I decided to take my frustrations online to express,’ he tells Refinery 29.

The mission of Chubstr is to help men who are larger sizes than the standard sizes to have their own style. ‘We write articles, interview celebrities and stylish men and do photo shoots so that the fashion world realised that it is serious about.’ Sturgell hopes that there are more brands on the cart, jump in and get their needs meet.

‘We love fashion’

Chubstr is also a haven for plus-size men who are nowhere their modehart can get. “I want to show you that thicker, men also love fashion and that that is not an exception. Chubstr proves that plus-size men options and that you are a larger size you are not less human, even though the mainstream fashion world our to tell.’ (LP)

Another shot from our fits coverage of #pittiuomo – we’re teaming up with @bearflavoured again to bring you #plussize #street style shots from this year’s event. Want more pics? Head to to see them all. #menswear #fashion

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