PLO delegation in DC announces Christmas event on Trump statement

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Mideast Nations to terminate Trump the Jerusalem decision

Writer Sohrab Ahmari gives his take.

The Palestinian Delegation in Washington, D.C., has cancelled Christmas.

Anticipate President Trump’s statement that the United States recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the PLO Delegation to the United States a statement of his own, the cancellation of the annual event “A Bethlehem Christmas on the hill.”

The event was to take place on Capitol Hill Wednesday and count the number of U.S. politicians, foreign diplomats, and members of the current government, according to Haaretz. The officials in the delegation say that the resignation was a direct response to the Trump – declision.

“In the light of the White house, the official comments made this afternoon that President Trump delivers a statement in the morning, possibly, the announcement, a different U.S. policy on the status of Jerusalem,” a statement released by the delegation, officials said on Tuesday, “We are very sorry to inform you that the planned reception, ‘Bethlehem and the Christmas on the hill’…will be unfortunately canceled.”

“We, the PLO General Delegation in the United States, were equally enthusiastic about the event,” the statement added. “It is planned to bring a live-stream video of Christian leaders and the children of Bethlehem with a Christmas message of peace. Out of concern for our leaders and children, it may be inappropriate for you to speak and sing, shortly after the possibility of an announcement, which is contrary to the message of peace.”

President Trump on Wednesday to recognize formally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and say, it is time to confirm “the obvious”, as he ordered to move the State Department to begin the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The movement fulfilled a campaign promise to the religious conservatives. But it can also ignite tensions across the Middle East.

The USA would be the first country to its Embassy in Jerusalem, which is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians. Other countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel, keep their embassies in Tel Aviv.

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