‘Plastic particles via washing machine in food consumer’

‘Plastic particles via washing machine in food consumer’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The washing of synthetic clothing may be more dangerous for health than previously thought, the Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) on Tuesday on the basis of research.

By the machine-wash a large part of the synthetic plastic kledingvezels in the water and eventually in the food we eat. According to the researchers, this is almost 35 percent of the so-called primary microplastics, tiny particles of plastic.

They found the fibers back in plankton, both farmed as wild mussels, sea salt, and honey. The total number of species that nuisance of plastic is according to the organization, now on 1220, and continues to rise.

“There was already longer known that microplastics from cosmetics in our water. But from this research it emerges that the pollution by kledingvezels still many times larger,” said PSF. The use of synthetic fibers in clothing over the past thirty years has increased.

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