‘Plastic net to vetbollen dangerous for birds’

‘Plastic net to vetbollen dangerous for birds’

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Bird lovers who have birds in their garden, it is best to own the vetbollen. That says, the Vogelbescherming (birdlife the Netherlands against This weekend, for the fourteenth time, the National Tuinvogeltelling held.

The plastic net to a vetbol is dangerous for birds, because mainly meesjes this can get caught and die, says Marieke Dijksman of the Vogelbescherming (birdlife the Netherlands. “You can have the best self vetbollen and dripping and sunflower seeds in it process. Make sure that the nuts and seeds are small enough.”

Dijksman recommend to margarina to use, because that the fat of the springs are affected. Bread in the water throwing is also not good, she says. “That makes the water turbid and attracts mice and rats. Bread is also a lot of salt, just like regular peanut butter.”

According to Dijksman determine four main pillars, or a bird to your garden, the so-called four V’s: food, safety, reproduction and variation: “Birds, like a place to breed. The robin and the blackbird can choose between a shrub. Also bessenplanten fine, or a pile of old leaves. This lot contains all sorts of insects as food, can serve,” said the Messengers of the Netherlands.

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Safety in a garden is determined by the place where a nestkas or a voedselplateau is placed. The cat should not make it easy to go and when another is in danger should a bird can easily flee to, for example, a shrub. “The color of the nestkas doesn’t matter, the place where he hangs. He should be with the invliegopening to the northeast hang out,” says Dijksman.

“In the Netherlands, the wind comes often from the southwest. And, of course, not in the full sun, then a cupboard and a greenhouse. The size of the hole in the cabinet to determine again who will be nesting.”

According to vogelaar, Klaas de Jong plays the location also when it comes to which species of birds to your garden visit. “It is of course, where in the Netherlands you live, or you’re in the city or on the outskirts of the city, or in the countryside or in a forested area,” he says.

It is also important whether you are a large or small garden you have. “In a small garden will be birds when there are people in the house are present, more to be disturbed. But if your garden area a few meters to the rear extends and the birds less of a view of the house, there will be more birds,” says de Jong.

More attractive

You can according to Dijksman themselves also do things to make your garden more attractive to birds. If you, for example, stones in your garden, it is best to replace it by the only natural vegetation, such as berry bushes, fruit trees, and groves where the birds can take shelter,” she says.

An easier alternative is a nestkas: that is fine for the cold and the birds can overnight in shelter. “The nights are cold and the birds are of themselves difficult. Some of the bird species fall in the night, up to 10 percent”, says Dijksman.

Therefore, it is best in the morning, what fresh food they are ready to submit, because then they go looking for food to eat. “You can also in the evening, which put to get stronger,” said the spokesman of the Messengers.


In the weekend of 28 and 29 January is the National Tuinvogeltelling held. “Hugely important,” says birder Arjan Dwarshuis. “Because now for the 14th year running is participated by a lot of people, we learn very much about our most common birds.”

So there is, according to Dwarshuis clearly an invasion of the exotic ring-necked parakeet. Also the blackcap and the chiffchaff are still more to see. “By the warmer temperatures to hibernate this summer are increasingly in our country,” said the ornithologist.

Marieke Dijksman, this year is especially curious about the number of tits. The Society received several calls about that, people have little tits in their garden saw. “It is a mastjaar, which means that the trees and shrubs in the forest, many seeds have gemaaakt. It could be that the tits in there, but it is also plausible that there’s little tits are by by the cold spring of 2016,” said Dijksman.

Birds to your garden attract by themselves to the sounds of birds, according to the Young not a good idea. “Birdsong is intended as a territorial sound to other birds scaring away”, he says. “You don’t want them to think: we have a competitor in the turn, we’re going to make a other garden to look up”, says the ornithologist.

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