Plasterk wants, yet secure connection require for all government sites

Plasterk wants, yet secure connection require for all government sites

Minister Ronald Plasterk (Home Affairs) wants it legally mandatory for all government sites to establish a secure connection to use.

That’s what he said Wednesday in the Second Room. Research showed previously that a lot of websites the so-called HTTPS-by default, the traffic between the user and the website encrypts, do not use it.

It was agreed, however, that at the end of 2017 will always have a secure connection must be present as a website, for example, personal information or other sensitive data is to be processed. At many government websites, however, that is not the case, and can only information to be searched.

In answer to parliamentary Questions said Plasterk earlier that he the level of security of government websites enough found. Security experts, however, say that it is always better to use HTTPS, even if there is no personal data will be sent. This means that attackers are impossible to connect to tamper with or eavesdrop.


Plasterk wants HTTPS for all government sites require after the introduction of the Law of the generic digital infrastructure, which until the end of march in consultation is.

If the law is adopted, then the department with a general measure of governance mandatory security standards to designate. Want to Plasterk, so the HTTPS-by default, require all government websites.

A spokesman of the ministry of Internal Affairs says to expect that the law in the second half of the year to the Second Chamber can be controlled. It is unclear when the measure may then be entered.

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