Plasterk examines vulnerability elections for hacks

Plasterk examines vulnerability elections for hacks

Minister Ronald Plasterk (Internal Affairs) investigates whether the parliamentary elections in march, are vulnerable to manipulation by hackers and other authorities.

It will consider the potential vulnerability of the voting process, the persons involved in the elections, and the provision of information, he writes Monday in response to questions from D66 Mp Kees Verhoeven.

Plasterk calls political organizations to do good to analyze on which points they could be vulnerable to foreign hackers. He says that organisations themselves are responsible for their security, but that the government there support can deliver.

For example, the National Coordinator counter-Terrorism and Security already held a meeting with ICT professionals from political parties, to share knowledge about information security.


The minister gives the advice because there are concerns about influencing the elections by foreign governments. The intelligence services of the United States think that Russia has tried to make Donald Trump a advantage in American elections.

“The government can not exclude the possibility that state actors can benefit from the influence of the political decision-making and of public opinion in the Netherlands and to this end, resources will be committed to try to influence also to realize”, writes Plasterk on Monday.

The voting process

Because the voting process in the Netherlands, completely on paper takes place, thinks Plasterk that, this difficult can be manipulated. Polling stations give their results digitally, via software provided by the electoral council on CD-ROM will be sent to municipalities. If there is reason to think that this program is manipulated, the paper results still to be checked.

According to Plasterk, there are no indications that other countries in the recent past have tried to Dutch elections to beïnvoeden. The minister says not in public to be able to say whether he thinks Members of parliament or members of the cabinet are tapped.

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