Plane of TUI did the distress call above the North

Plane of TUI did the distress call above the North

A plane of TUI Nederland has Saturday morning an emergency call was made over the North sea, should do so because the unit had to deal with an imminent shortage of fuel.

A spokeswoman for TUI emphasises that there is no dangerous situation has arisen, but that the procedure to be followed in this kind of situations, all kinds of alarm bells go off.

Through the thick fog on Saturday morning the aircraft is not directly land on Schiphol. So also the Boeing787-8 Dreamliner of TUI. “That was all over 20 minutes over the North sea, at the circling as the pilot in the control tower reported that he not too long it could continue flying. The level of the fuel would then be at a dangerous level,” explains the spokeswoman of TUI.

There is a certain procedure of start in which a number of “mayday, mayday” must be called. Also, emergency services will accompany the unit as a precaution to the gate. “The plane is landed safely and the passengers have not noticed a thing.” The aircraft with flight OR318 came from Miami.

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