Plane crash in Iran: “The industry has certainly learnt from the MH17′

Representatives from Canada, Ukraine, united kingdom, and the United Kingdom, on Thursday to discuss the investigation into the plane crash in Iran, and to talk to. Why did Iran in the light of the threat of war in the skies not right away close it and throw it? And the industry has, however, learned from the disaster with the MH17?

Plane Crash In Iran

  • Iranian anti-aircraft guns took a airplane resembling on the 8th of January, down.
  • Aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines has left Tehran for a few hours after an Iranian missile attack on Us bases.
  • All of the 176 occupants were killed, among whom were many of the Canadians and the Iranians.

There are a lot of differences between the disaster with the MH17, in 2014, and the downing of the Ukrainian aircraft over Tehran. However, there are probably more similarities.

In both cases, there was an airplane resembling is in the air, of a country is in a crisis situation, and both of our machines had been hit by a missile from the ground, and was fired. The aviation sector is no lessons learned from the crash of the plane of Malaysia Airlines?

No, that would be too simple to be asked, according to luchtvaartdeskundige Joris Melkert, TU Delft, the netherlands. “It’s true, absolutely, that’s one of the most important results of the MH17 investigation, the Dutch Safety board, was that of Ukraine due to the tense situation in 2014, the sky had to be shut out,” he says.

“That would be for each country to be in a similar situation, by the way, the royal way to travel. If there is a threat of war, and a nation’s security cannot be guaranteed, then the airspace should be closed.”

‘The country is suffering loss of sight if the sky is closed

However, between dream and action stand laws and practical objections in the way, which adds Melkert just added to it. “This is a country still in a form of a loss of face to admit that you own the airspace no longer 100 percent in control,” he says.

In addition, there is also a financial aspect to it. “Each aircraft that is using your airspace, will be required to pay. Thus, the airspace is shut, it means a significant loss of revenue, especially if it is a long period of time is going to take a while.” A country may be due to the other party not to be forced out of the sky close to them. “Each sovereign nation must decide for yourself at any time.

48Moment, to which Iran is Ukrainian plane is shot in the head fixed

Industry has in place following the loss of MH17

However, the industry actually learned of the disaster with MH17, and the recommendations of the Dutch Safety board (OVV). “You’ll notice that the airlines themselves are faster shifting, and more will occur if there is a dreigingsgevaar,” says the expert.

“We saw, for example, recently, the crisis in the Gulf of Oman, and in the escalating conflict between Pakistan and India. That’s the kind of decisions has a lot of impact: it takes time and more money to some of the routes in order to throw it.”

Also, vliegtuigexpert They Bricks of the Dutch Expert Group Aviation Safety (DEGAS), agrees that the government and airline since the crash of MH17, more information will be exchanged. “But even within a country, the services work only if they have all the knowledge, you may the authorities and the exact trade-off”, lay a Brick out of.

“In the event of a crash in Tehran, for example, the question as to whether the air traffic control knew that it was Iran’s anti-aircraft guns are already so on edge, stood up. It would seem that the communication to the Iranian government, a critical topic in considerable glitches has shown.”

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“There have been on the road continuously, the risk to aircraft’

Brick points out that government is often paniekvoetbal” you can play with. “In 2010, Iceland and the whole of the airspace due to the ash from an active volcano”, he said as an example. “It was a real question whether that is really necessary. There are, on the go, always a risk that a flight will be exposed to, for example, to extremes of weersituaties.”

“You just need to be a fair trade-off to determine how big a threat it is. It is of the utmost importance that you, as a carrier for the traveler well inform about the possible risks, so that the client’s assessment, or he or she may for that reason be discontinues to fly.”

The vliegexpert, it suggests that the ministry of Foreign Affairs, in addition to a travel advice for the countries with a negative travel advice for the high risk routes would be able to give.

The ministry does not feel anything for the ‘travel advisory for the sky

Spokesman Rob van der Meij of the department, leave in a comment to know that the airline is responsible for safe operation and routekeuzes. “There is this continuous interaction within the expert group, sharing threat intelligence, in addition to the national airlines, the representatives of the relevant ministries of the equation.”

In this group we share the government, and the Dutch carriers and their information and knowledge with each other. “The companies we may use this information for their risk analysis and decision-making on evacuation routes.” In a similar manner to the developments at the European level is constantly being monitored by the authorities.

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“The journey to the airport is much more dangerous’

The ministry of Foreign Affairs provides travel advice for countries where citizens are, on their own initiative to go. “On a trip, it is always a carrier involved,” he says. “That’s why it is chosen for this construction, and not for the purpose of providing risk information on routes to residents.”

Incidentally, it stresses the importance luchtvaartexpert Melkert, TU Delft, the risk of an airplane resembling in flight is struck by a missile from a war zone, “is extremely small, it is and always will be. “Of course, the risk of accidents is never zero. However, on the basis of the risicocijfers does anyone in the uk do not get into a plane. The car ride to the airport is statistically many times more dangerous.”

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