Plagued BACKLINE deeper and deeper in the crisis of defeat to Willem II

PSV eindhoven on Sunday, delving deeper into the issues touched on in the Premier league. The Locals lost to a surprising 2-1 on the visit of William II, and remained in, the fourth game in a row without a win.

Che Nunnely was the most important man in the hand of William II. The striker, who had not been scored, and for the people of tilburg, was responsible for the 1-0, and after a rest for the 2-0. The 2-1 of Gastón Pereiro, just before the time came to leave for PSV eindhoven.

Player was the goalkeeper, Jeroen Zoet passed over in favor of Lars Unnerstall. The international of the Dutch national team, which this season, is frequently in the wrong, it would be right after a rest, out of frustration with the team bus have to be looked for.

The external pressure on the PSV’s manager, Mark van Bommel will be the new right is only going to increase. He said on Thursday, after the blamage for LASK Linz (4-1) in the round-robin group stage of the Europa League, but added that he was confident that he could turn the tide.

PSV eindhoven has lost in the last few weeks and even for FC Utrecht (3-0) and AZ (0-4) and played it just right, against Sparta Rotterdam (2-2), meaning that the team has slipped to the third position, is already eleven points behind the leader Ajax. The Locals were victorious on Sunday with a 4-0 to FC Utrecht.

Che Nunnely was the two hits are worth their weight in gold to Willem II. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The PSV has a dramatic start against Willem II

PSV have had a very dramatic start against Willem II. The visitors looked to have already in the seventh minute for a 1-0 gap of. Nunnely was able to get the ball to the second pole, and a simple binnentikken after a low cross from Mat Köhlert.

After that, recovered, PSV, however. The team Of van and had lot of ball possession on one half of the team, but at first, no farther than kansjes Pablo Rosario (shot blocked), and Michal Sadílek (shot straight at Timon Wellenreuther).

PSV should always have to be careful with the rapid outbreak of the William II, and, out of a bar and almost fell to the 2-0. Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye shot right in front after a clever pass from Nunnely.

In the final stage of the first half to put the PSV back a bit, and I found it in the 1-to-1 to the result. Bruma’s lap after a good kapbeweging of the ball, however, was far too wild to be in the hands of the Wellenreuther, and Learn Gakpo hit from a great distance, the upper end of the bar.

Lars Unnerstall took two matches against Willem II. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

PSV had escaped just before half-time at 2-0

MANU, in his hands, squint which is the seat of Bruma is not for peace, it was nevertheless, by William II. Nunnely was standing eye-to-eye with Unnerstall, but the replacement is Sweet, saved cleverly with his legs.

In the opening stages of the second half it was one-way traffic towards the goal of Willem II. The wait for the 1-to-1, but that did not happen, because Bruma over in addition to said, and want to know the Dumfries just can’t be with a man, Mohamed Ihattaren as he could.

Out of nowhere, came to Willem II in the 64th minute, even with a 2-0-lead. Nunnely was, once again, all the time, and Sadílek, and found out from a difficult position on the beautiful long back, the offer Unnerstall.

PSV have tried to be in the final stage, even though the change in the current situation, and came up through a Pereiro (shot in the corner of the picture) still up 2-1. That was it, so the sporting crisis is, in Eindhoven, the weather is a lot better now.

A disappointment after player. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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