Piet De Visser: ‘Youri Tielemans in my scoutboekje’

Piet De Visser, Dutch ex-trainer and today scout at Chelsea, about the Europe Leaguefinale, the Premier League and our Red Devils: “Everyone has the Netherlands been charged.’

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Ajax will play Wednesday in the final of the Europa League. Is Dutch football on a resurrection?

PIET DE VISSER: I think so. It is already some time ago that the Netherlands was the vision of Johan Cruiff brought. He was the grand master, also as a coach. He saw it all. Ajax plays offensive and attractive football with pressing. There is a lot on technique training.

Peter Bosz done nice work with Ajax. The heenwedstrijd in the semi-final against Olympique Lyon was a particular kijkstuk.

THE FISHERMAN: He is a trainer who is Cruyff still high in his priority has worn. He has always tried to Cruijffs method in his training and in the team to integrate.

I have that race itself seen. As a former trainer – I am 36 years as a trainer – and scout, I really enjoyed it. Those guys from Ajax played with a drive and a passion, with a technique and with a high pressure. There were the French, because Lyon is a good team. That is a compliment for the whole Dutch football, not only for Ajax.

It is a young team with players like Kasper Dolberg, Bertrand Traore and Matthijs de ligt. That inexperience was Ajax almost fatal in the second leg.

THE ANGLER: There played boys of seventeen years. You can again muster, but not twice. Fortunately, it is Ajax there through, but it was almost wrong by their youthfulness.

The final is a single game and it has Ajax all the opportunities. They can give it their all in a match, such as against Lyon. That was a big game with a lesser second leg. That was the case against Schalke 04. If Ajax are own game can play, makes it a good chance.

Manchester United is the opponent in Stockholm.

THE FISHERMAN: Ajax is a young team. That can be for youthful and scintillating football with new ideas worries. But José Mourinho is a cunning coach.

I know Mourinho well. He can have a team ready, not to be beautiful football but to win. He is a winner. Mourinho takes his team to prepare for the game of Ajax to distort and to strike. They are two separate styles and that will be a nice final result. Ajax must keep a cool head and not go in the battle of Manchester, but the own game play. I’m counting on the technique and speed of Ajax to score and then it will be difficult for Manchester United.


The netherlands must remain. We are a small but creative people.

If Ajax Manchester United beat then that would be a compliment for Dutch football.

THE FISHERMAN: It’s been years not happened. Everyone in the Netherlands has written off. Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord would never be a European win, but that may now change. It would be for all clubs and the Dutch national team a boost. You’ll get a kick out of. Other clubs can learn from them, and back on the technology train with attacking football.

The netherlands has a time inclined to physical exercise and harder to play. The netherlands must remain. We are a small but creative people. The netherlands has always under water stood, but with our creativity, we have the land cleared, levees built and sandbanks. In the past the Netherlands has always been creative. Ajax can open the eyes of the clubs and the KNVB, who is also the physical aspect is emphasized, to the Dutch game to bring back.

The netherlands is too far away from Cruijffs vision strayed in the last few years?

DE VISSER: Absolutely. Trainers are responsible. They are too many believe in the team and the play of the ball, but that is not attractive. Young players have done with the train for one hour and open their computer, or are on Facebook. So you do not develop a good football players. Trainers need to wake up. They have fear of losing. England and Germany were physically stronger and so they thought that we are also physically stronger had to be. It is precisely Germany that our technology has taken over. It is the world in reverse. I want to go back and with Ajax that’s going to happen. Germany has the attacking football with the ability to walk, technique and a lot of creativity and being one of the Netherlands.

Is this awareness in the Dutch voetbalmilieu?

THE FISHERMAN: I cry alone in the desert – if one person says something, no one is listening. I’m 82. “Old box”, says one. No, I am a new box. I want attacking football.

Is Dick Advocaat the right man for this zwalpend Orange?

THE FISHERMAN: He is a right choice. There was not a lot of choice! I would for a German trainer. A Jürgen Klinsmann.


I have a Lawyer said that Belgium is a fantastic team and then he suddenly left. I have the idea that too many people of the Belgian football association wanted to moeien.

Jorge Sampaoli I would also particularly like when the Dutch national team. I’ve often seen the work in the national team of Chile. What a great trainer! He has the ideas of Cruyff. That I want to see. Sampoali is a coach for the long term. He is obsessed by football. He plays harmonicavoetbal – come back, come up, come back and stand up. Everything slides into each other and that is so beautiful to look at. He is a disciple of Cruyff, but in the short term can Dick Advocaat with his enthusiasm and with his gebetenheid something happen. We need points grab. The netherlands is behind.

Is that gebetenheid enough to the Oranje to the world cup to guide them?

THE ANGLER:There he goes! In the short term, he needs just three to win games and that can.

At the Dutch football association is shaky, the very last time.

THE FISHERMAN: With Louis van Gaal went well. We were third at the world cup in Brazil, but after that it’s gone wrong in the preparations. The leadership of the KNVB is currently searching for senior people. That should change soon. You can the short-term plans with a Lawyer and the long-term with a type as Sampaoli.

Lawyer coached Belgium, but that was no success.

THE FISHERMAN: this has me puzzled. I have a Lawyer said that Belgium is a fantastic team and then he suddenly left. I have the idea that too many people of the Belgian football association wanted to moeien. Lawyer always wants everything in his own hands, because otherwise he’s gone.

Sampaoli is, moreover, by Argentina coach.

THE ANGLER: I expect a lot from it. Argentina has in recent years been no good coaches. There was always unrest in the squad and no clear style. Sampoali is building a team around Lionel Messi. He encourages the football of Barcelona. It is up to him to Messi in the squad to integrate. Argentina has talent enough, but he needs the players around Messi can play. Messi is still leading.

In Belgium, Roberto Martínez is the new head coach. He followed Marc Wilmots after a disappointing european CHAMPIONSHIP.

THE FISHERMAN: I have four Belgian talents of Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois and Romelu Lukaku – Chelsea reached, all great players, but also for Tottenham, there are two, three players in. You can take them but continue to count. They have a coach required that a total boss and no interference tolerated. Martínez can. I admired him in Spain and at Everton. He played good football, and is passionate. He thinks about the game. Martínez talks with his staff about football. He encourages his players.

Belgium continues to have problems against teams that are low in block. There is little balcirculatie than. That also turned against Greece.

THE FISHERMAN: The players do it nevertheless in the clubs. Martinez should that it prints. Eden Hazard should play as he is at Chelsea plays. He is surrounded by Diego Costa and David Luiz. That are the anchor points. The Belgians are too modest. They get the cheese to eat the bread. Martínez should be the game of the foreign players that cut in the team. That winning character, he must also bring the need and want to win. I can see that too little.


Talent you do not, it is born. You can only be a player better.

Belgium, the Netherlands has always envied as voetballand. That is different now. How do you explain that explosion of Belgian talent?

THE FISHERMAN: Football is a wave motion. The netherlands has a period with Cruyff, Piet Keizer and Willem van Hanegem had. Then it was even less, but then followed the group of boys with Clarence Seedorf, Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten. Belgium has that huge wave of talent in the last few years. That is also a bit of luck. Talent you do not, it is born. You can only be a player better.

Youri Tielemans is one of those talents.

THE FISHERMAN: He is in my scoutingboekje. He is a great talent.

Today there Is often the danger that the players asked the private voetbalcultuur leave?

THE FISHERMAN: You can do that two ways to conceive. One player drops away and the other gets just a drive by to go abroad. Nathan Aké came on his sixteenth at Chelsea. Everyone said he was crazy, but he wanted that. He got that drive, and he is today very prominent in the selection of Chelsea. The player, who can’t handle, floods. Jeffrey Bruma went from Feyenoord also asked to Chelsea and got a training that something extra teacher. Memphis Depay is a lot of too early from PSV to Manchester United has gone. That was too high. He went too early to a top league. He has now made a good decision with Olympique Lyon. That is a step lower, but now he can again climb up.

You scout for Chelsea. The Premier League was in its 25th edition this season. It Is the best league in the world?

DE VISSER: I follow all leagues in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, in Africa, in Europe. It is already the most attractive and exciting league. It is always a full bin. In England you can’t just relax and hit the ball to the keeper play. You would be uitgefloten. Invariably it is full of gas! It is also the toughest competition. In Italy and Spain, taking the crews a break by passing the ball around to play. That is impossible in England.


Guardiola tries to be a great game to play at City, but the players can his vision not follow.

In the Champions League it went quite wrong for the English clubs.

DE VISSER: That is the consequence of the heaviness of the Premier League. The clubs play 38 games and the English cup, the League Cup and a lot of promotiewedstrijden. They always play the most matches on the cutting edge. In the Champions League, they will be broken played.

Monaco played City indeed way. Has Pep Guardiola to Manchester City?

THE FISHERMAN: it looks like. He tries to be a great game to play at City, but the players can his vision not follow. City goes doorselecteren. City has Guardiola appointed to the game of Barcelona to play. The tiki-taka, but that is not with these players, can train you so much. He’s going to find other players.

Antonio Conte was at Chelsea also, not all the players he wanted.

THE FISHERMAN: Conte is a crack. He knows everything about football. He was a great soccer player. He guides players, makes them better and gives them to the ears as they are good. He gives the players a pat on the shoulder for the appreciation and the trust. His workouts are extraordinary. Chelsea never takes rest in his game. Conte, the system adapts to its players. Next year will be the heavier for Conte because you will be playing Chelsea in the Champions League. Chelsea is going to the selection might expand and then he will have more possibilities.

David Luiz you are amazed in the central role at the back?

THE FISHERMAN: I have him scouted when he was still a spillebeen was at Vitoria in Brazil. He played there also in that role. He has the control over the defense. He is the leader. Conte has well seen. He covers well and he coaches the other two mandekkers, but Luiz has always had in him.

Finally. You hitchhiked to the world cup 1958 in Sweden, you was the first scout at the tournament of Toulon. What is holding you to the football?

THE FISHERMAN: I come from a farming family from Zeeland. No one was interested in sport. I was as a little boy already possessed. I walked behind the ball. ‘What are you going to now do, Lizzy?’ said my parents. I went to a christian school and I played soccer on Sunday. I had a goal scored and that was in the newspaper. I, as proud as I could be, go to school, but I was sent home: I had sinned, because on Sunday, if you can’t play football.

I am already more than 25 years of international scout. I remain in love with the game, with my many medical ailments, my five bypasses and I also always cancer. Luckily I have good doctors. But without football it would be difficult for me. Football gets me there again and again on top.

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