Pictures of the Flemish film ‘Ibiza’ are silent after financial problems

Production company Marmalade, also known by the Flemish adaptations of foreign sitcoms, is already in heavy weather. For the first time, it will also have an impact on a current production.

Bart Hollanders in Ibiza from Dries Vos © /

Ibiza, the new film by Dries Vos, had a sunny romantic film, about a failed tv presenter, a role for Bart Hollanders, that his life is trying to take on Ibiza. Also, Steve Geerts, Flor Decleir, Ella June Henrard, Mathieu Sys, Lize Feryn, Jeroen van Dyck, Frances Lefebure, Filip Peeters and Half-Neuro had a role. However, the question is whether the film ever comes, because the shots are stopped.

According to The Morning to cast and crew not to work as long as they are not be paid in advance. The newspaper, previously, a dossier about the financial problems with Marmalade, some take several months. In total require 85 creditors,’n 756.947 euro. They have joined forces to create a payment schedule to negotiate.

Marmalade says via a communication officer that it is an organizational issue. ‘The second part of the recording had already been completed, but it is to search for a new planning”, sounds in there. The management of one of the actors, is also one of the creditors, said that Marmalade all overdue invoices have to pay for the recordings to be continued.

Romantic comedies

Marmalade said some months ago that all the overdue invoices for the end of the year will be paid. When we called to Marmalade, to check whether that promise still endures, and we were connected with the accounts department was there in a suit less sure: “Many bills will by then have been paid, but probably not all of them.’ A day later came a phone call from Marmalade to, which the production house once again stressed that they are for the end of the year, however, all invoices will be paid in full.

The situation in the production house behind romantic comedies like What men want, and All the family is dragging already, appeared earlier this month from an article from The Standard. “Our productions will continue to run. So great is the turmoil so is not’, said managing director Yoshi Aesaert when.

Also, now that is no longer the case, Aesaert, at the mouth of a communication, are strong in The Morning, that all creditors against the end of the year want to pay, such as long time to hear.

Director Dries Vos hopes that the film still canned hit. “I’ve spent the last year a lot in this film invested’, he says in The Morning. “It is a story that I absolutely want to tell and we have on Ibiza in addition to this, a lot of great material turned. It would be a pity if there is ultimately nothing to happen.’

This article was on december 21, completed after a telephone response from Marmalade to

In a clip for the website Cinevox told Fox more about the practical side of Ibiza.

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