Picked up Huawei-topvrouw calls for house arrest, China is angry at Canada

The attorneys of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of phone company Huawei last week in Canada was arrested, have asked if they are under ‘house arrest’ can be placed.

That advocated the lawyers during a court hearing where the judge must determine whether Mix out on bail, free to come. The Chinese group would even the costs for security and the necessary technology want to pay.

Mix was last week in the Canadian city of Vancouver was arrested at the request of the United States, who want her to be tried for fraud. They would SkyCom, an unofficial subsidiary of Huawei, have allowed to trade with Iran. This time they have a trade embargo that the united states against Iran has set up and deceived them to American banks.

Monday was the hearing on the borg resumed. Mix itself followed the proceedings through an interpreter in a backroom of the courthouse in Vancouver.

The husband of Mix has offered a miljoenenborg in cash and shares to pay. Liu Xiaozong says is to want to do this to meet the stated requirements in terms of security requirements. The couple owned in Canada two houses, valued at more than $ 15 million, according to eigendomsregisters and a sworn statement of Mix.

The matter-Mix up the already tense relationship between the US and China are not good. Last weekend called Beijing separately, the ambassadors of Canada and the US to account. China is threatening action against Canada if the Mix is not rapidly released.

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China accuses Canada in breach of agreements

China is angry at Canada because of the issue around the arrested the financial director because the North American country’s bilateral agreements would not be met. So has Canada, according to China failed to the Chinese consulate to inform about the arrest. This is Canada, incidentally, is denied.

“As a Chinese citizen by the Canadian government, is arrested, the Canadian government, the Chinese embassy immediately notify. This Canada has failed,” said a Chinese government spokesman. Canada says, in turn, that the Chinese envoys on the day of the arrest have been notified.

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