PI fixed receivables, Hunter Biden, is the subject of criminal probes, says whistleblower, the secret Ukraine flight

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Reaction and analysis from Fox News contributor, Charlie Hurt, and women for Trump national co-chair Gina Loudon.

A private investigation company made a bizarre intervention in a Arkansas Biden court proceedings over the custody of Hunter, the alleged love child Monday, claiming in an explosive submission, the former Vice-President of Joe’s Biden’s son is important to your discovery requests, and is “the subject of more than one criminal investigation of fraud, money-laundering and counterfeiting scheme.”

On the same day, as D&A investigations, his “notice of fraud and forgery and fabrication of evidence”, first reported by The Daily Mail and Fox News, Lunden Alexis Roberts posted, to find your own movement “primary physical and legal custody” of the child, which she said she had with Biden. submitted Lunden also requested attorney’s fees and a hearing on visitation rights.


The court in Independence County, Ark. quickly the D&A proposed the filing of the record company, saying it violated state rules of procedure for the participation in an ongoing case as an intervener. Normally, the rules require that the intervening parties share a “question of law or fact in common” with the existing case.

Hunter Biden, to strike in his own movement, the company claims, told the court that the allegations were false and scandalous, and a transparent attempt to garner media attention.

D&A said on Fox News on Tuesday to expect an additional filing soon — and hinted that further incriminating details about Hunter Biden, the business would soon come to light.

The company said worked with Casey Anthony, the team is the defense, specifically Fox News that his investigators have established that the intelligence community whistleblower accompanied in the middle of the Democrats, ” impeachment against the President, Trump, Joe Biden, as he traveled to the Ukraine in March 2016, and under pressure, the government of the country to the fire and keep their top Prosecutor by threatening to back $1 billion in U.S. aid.

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, pictured in April 2016. (Photo: Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA)

Fox News has not verified the claim, and the whistleblower’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, did not respond immediately to Fox News’ request for comment.


“I said, I’m not telling you, you are always in the billions of dollars,” Biden boasted at a conference that after leaving the office. “I told you, you are always in the billions. I’m going to leave it here in-I think it was about six hours. I looked at her and said, ‘ I am leaving in six hours. If the public Prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. Well, the son of a b–ch. He was thrown out. And put someone who was firmly in the time.”

The Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was released in March 2016. However, publicly available records show that Joe Biden will travel officially in the Ukraine in the year 2016. D&A told Fox News, believes it, Biden will not take you to the Air Force, Two for the trip.

In its submission, D&A investigations, claiming that Hunter Biden and his business Laundry partner “well-established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley, et al.” for the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings Limited for a “money-System”, among other ventures.

The alleged scheme, “accumulated $156,073,944.24,” according to the document.


D&A claimed that its filing was necessary because Biden was the non-response of “adequate” and “basic” questions, and said it was Biden’s “actively investigate” and his ner “since 8. August, 2016.”

Hunter is a member of the Board of Burisma, which had been under investigation was Biden before then – Vice President Joe Biden under pressure Ukraine to fire their top Prosecutor. In its July 25 call with Ukraine’s President, which ultimately led proposed to his ouster of President Trump, the Ukrainians see in the circumstances of the prosecution, termination, including Joe boast of Biden is that he had dismissed the Prosecutor.

“Biden was bragging that he stopped the persecution, so that, if you can, look inside…It sounds terrible for me,” Trump said on the call. The State Department characterized Hunter Biden is the apparent conflict of interest at the time, but with a shrug of the shoulders dismissed by the vice president ‘ s office.

Joe Biden know something about his son’s business has denied. Fox News has obtained a photo shows the former Vice-President of Golf with Hunter and a Burisma executive, and Hunter Biden, has previously said he discussed his business and the opportunity, with his father.


The 28-year-old Roberts, in their submission, said Hunter Biden has “had acted with no involvement in the child’s life since the birth of the child, never interacting with the child, the parent, never the child,” and “could not identify the child out of a photo lineup.”

DNA tests have allegedly confirmed “with scientific certainty” that Hunter Biden is the biological father of the Roberts’ baby, according to court documents filed in November.

Joe Biden tangled with a Fox-News-reporter, when asked about this development.


“I wonder if you have a comment on this report, and court filing, from Arkansas, her son’s father again, Fox News Peter Doocy asked Hunter, you’re a big.

“No, that is a private matter and I have no comment,” Biden fired again before the attack on the reporter.

“Only you would be said to ask,” Biden. “You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Precious.”

Earlier this month, Hunter Biden, is in private life spilled into the public sphere, when Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., abuse problems had been caused by his admitted past drug use.

The Florida legislature referred to an article published this past July in The New Yorker that Biden, among other things, interviews with Hunter and reported a 2016 car accident, the younger Biden was involved. This story, the employees at a car rental Agency claimed that they found a crack pipe inside the vehicle. It is also Hunter cited Biden to buy the description of his attempts to crack cocaine in the Los Angeles homeless camp.


“I found the very extensive profile in The New Yorker,” Gaetz said before some of the items more dirty details about Biden. “I don’t want to solve light from any substance-abuse problems, I know the President is working very hard to that those all over the country, but it is a little hard to find, that Burisma hired Hunter Biden for the settlement of international disputes, is, if he could not allow his own confrontation with Hertz car rental and more cocaine and a crack pipe in the car.”

Republican lawmakers have questioned why Hunter Biden was paid upwards of $50,000 in the month of Burisma at the same time, his father led the Obama administration’s diplomatic relations with Kiev. To break though the timing concerns of anti-corruption advocates, neither of the former Vice-President, his son was formally charged, the law.

Fox News’ Brian Flood and Andrew O’reilly contributed to this report.

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