Physician, and Overweight, and diabetes is not just a matter of, itís your own fault

Doctor Jacqui on the Concert and saw her patients struggling with obesity and diabetes, and delved into the scientific literature. She came to find out that it’s not just going to exercise more and eat less. Last month she published her book, Lifestyle, over-the-counter. We asked nine questions to ask Of the Concert.

What was the response to your book?

“I’m a doctor, and see in my clinic a lot of people who have been struggling with their weight. I see patients with type 2 diabetes (adult-onset diabetes, ed.). they have worked hard to do so in order to eat less and to exercise more, but I need to take medications.”

“It’s very frustrating for the patient and for me as a physician. So, I was able to deepen understanding: the mechanisms that play a role, all have a role in obesity and diabetes?”

Diabetes and obesity are other conditions, but we managed

And what did you do?

“Is that diabetes and obesity are very different conditions than we have previously thought of. Eat less and move more to offer, it is rarely a permanent solution. A diet based on caloriebeperking work, for example, only 0.5 percent of the population. There are also other factors.

What are the facts?

“Verzadigingshormonen in the intestines and can be made to play such a big role in this. But also to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation has all sorts of hormonal processes that affect hunger and satiety.”

“If you have to move and line, but it is not good to sleep, it will be a lot of effort to lose weight.”
Jacqui van Kemenade, gps

“Those who are not good or not enough sleep, can’t move and the lines of what he wants to do, but it will be a lot of find it more difficult to lose weight.”

It is, therefore, not to: every pound goes through the mouth?

“No, no! It’s not a lack of willpower or discipline. Many of my patients do it for years to their best in order to lose weight. With a negative result. That is, it is not their fault. Sometimes the cracks are the patients to cry out when they hear it. They will feel acknowledged. And there are glimmers of hope: there is something you can do. That’s what I’m using for the book is clear, wanted to make it.”

Patients who have trouble sleeping, you may have serious problems with weight loss. (Image: 123RF)

Sleep deprivation and chronic stress, making weight loss impossible

What else is there to do?

“A lot of. But we’ll only get results if we look at all of the leefstijlaspecten, not just calories and exercise. With the lack of sleep is losing weight nearly impossible. The same is true for chronic stress and suikerwaarden will not decrease, because of stress, sugar and releases the liver. This increases the blood sugar level.”

What is the role of nutrition?

Nutrition plays a huge role in this. But this is not necessarily the number of calories, but what you are eating. We eat a lot of fast and carbohydrates. That will have a negative effect on insulin was shown.”

“The protein and good fats to help you understand to be the values to keep under control and also give you much more satisfaction. I see it as my role to make people aware of it and they are able to coach them.”

Prevention Is also carried out by a doctor?

“I think it’s called. Diabetes is a long-run. We can set the diagnosis only when a certain glucose levels in the blood. But a few years earlier, though it is hard to glucosebalans is to be maintained. It would be nice if we are in that period of time, with leefstijlinterventie be able to avoid it, eventually, the diabetes will come.”

“The sooner we can have a lifestyle related illness can bring, the better.”
Jacqui van Kemenade, gps

“As a physician, I am a generalist, however, I am a specialist in listening and watching. Often, I measure the blood pressure, waist circumference, and blood sugar levels of patients, which is something very different to my surgery to come. Just to give you a finger on the pulse to keep up. The sooner we have lifestyle related diseases, in the picture, the better.”

You will get in the book, many scientific studies.

“I think that’s very important. I have discovered that there is a lot of scientific research in the field of physical activity and diabetes, and be overweight or obese. It gives understanding and insight. These insights, I wanted to make it accessible to a wide audience.”

The number of diabetic patients is ever increasing. What does the future look like?

“I have high hopes for the future. In the Netherlands there are a lot of scholars and researchers concerned with the ways of life. Doctors and general practitioners to familiarise themselves with it more and more. Also, the number of patients that a lifestyle, you grow. That is a positive thing.”

“The netherlands is in the region of the leefstijlonderzoek properly first. It would be nice if we were the first country to prove that type 2 diabetes is bevolkingsbreed is to reduce and, in some cases, even reverse it. I would be happy to do my part to contribute to that.”

Jacqui van Kemenade has been a general practitioner in a southern city. She works as a volunteer for the Foundation of Your Lifestyle as a Drug and the author of the book Lifestyle and over-the-counter, which was published in the Scriptum.

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