Physical exercise could possibly be the chance of survival after heart attack increase

Physical exercise could possibly be the chance of survival after heart attack increase

Physical activity would increase the likelihood that someone surviving a heart attack increase. As someone more sports, the survival rate at a heart attack.

That is in a study Wednesday in The European Journal of Precentive Cardiology is published.

14.223 people who never had a heart attack or stroke, had, did, since 1976, the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The degree of movement was classified in the four categories of sedentary, light, medium, and high. Of the participants, to 2013 followed were 1.664 participants a heart attack, of which 425 people died.

During the research was the amount of physical activity compared to people who during a myocardial infarction had died and the people that an attack had survived. According to the researchers, the patients who have less physical activity were more likely to die as a result of a heart attack.

The participants who are in a very slight degree of movement did had according to the researchers, 32 percent less likely to get a stroke to death. icipants on an average and high degree of movement did had 47 percent less likely to have a heart attack to die than the participants who did not exercise did.


“This study is based on an observation made, which we do not know for sure whether the relationship between movement and survival can actually determine. The results will be further confirmation is needed before we make recommendations. I do think that we can say that movement is good for health,” said one of the researchers.

“A possible explanation could be that people who move more blood vessels develop. When the heart then with a blockade, these vessels ensure that the heart sufficient blood. Also would exercise the chemical composition of blood, can improve, allowing the blood to better flow and the heart recovered well after a heart attack,” says professor Prescott.

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