Photos from the New York city teenager’s body is still getting shared online: report

The teen has been identified as Bianca Devins. (Utica Police Department)

The photos of the corpse of a teenager allegedly killed by a man she met on Instagram has expanded more and more time online, on Tuesday, in the midst of the efforts to suppress their message, according to the report.

With the help of the hashtag #yesjuliet, and the gory photos were spread out on a large scale, including on-line and posters to make from the lights, or the celebration of the death of the teen, who had a small social media following, in upstate New York.

In other people, in order to stop the spread of the images seen on the online chat on sites like 4chan, and in Them.

A disagreement of users who saw the photos on Sunday morning and alerted the police.


Instagram spokeswoman, Stephanie, Otway, told Fox News via email that the social media platform had been blocked, with the hashtag #yesjuliet to attempt to distribute the images.

But Rolling Stone magazine reported that the photos were still spread out on Tuesday, and even on Twitter.

“On the Instagram side and we are using a technology that will allow us to find other images that are visually similar to the original image and auto-remove it when people try to upload them,” Otway, told Fox News. “Our teams are aware of any other pictures of this event on other social media sites, we are hashing as they are, as a preventive measure in order to prevent this, the content will be uploaded to Instagram.”

Utica police said they are working to address the parts of your images with a variety of Internet platforms.

Utica Police Lt. He Coromato told Fox News by e-mail Tuesday night, “We are trying to keep up with all of the platforms in which these pictures appear to be deleted, in the hope that it will be the exposure to a minimum.”

Bianca Devins was killed, allegedly by a man she had met recently on Instagram, then posted photos of her corpse online, according to police.

The teen has been identified as Bianca Devins, Utica Police department Sgt. Michael Curley used to say. He identified a Dr. Clark, 21, as a suspect in her death.

Devins & Clark met on Instagram two months ago, police said.

Initially, they were online friends, but the relationship has progressed into a personal, intimate,” according to the police. “They had that time together, and were familiar with each other’s families.”

Utica Police told Fox News they went on to explore the backgrounds of the couple and their relationship.

The police have also been working to nail down the events of Saturday evening and Sunday early in the morning.

The two Devins, and Carl, who reportedly attended a concert together on Saturday night in New York City, and got into an argument. She was back in Utica in early Sunday and went to a spot on a cul-de-sac, according to the police statement.

There are, according to them, until Clark uses a big knife to kill the teen, police said. The authorities began receiving calls at around 7:20 a.m. Sunday reporting that a man posted on a social media site that he had killed someone.

The case is being investigated as a homicide and a suicide attempt, Coromato he said.


Clark was charged with second-degree murder on Monday night, police said. It was unclear as to whether the defendant is an attorney who is able to respond to his name.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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