Philips is going to make cancer patients improve

Philips is going to make cancer patients improve

Philips announces Thursday a number of steps in the care for cancer patients. In collaboration with other research parties want health care specialist technology company methods for the diagnosis and treatment is better and more accurate, but also more accessible and more affordable.

Along with the American Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), the world’s oldest and largest private research centre in the field of cancer, wants Philips the genetic causes of pancreatic cancer more accurately. That should lead to more tailored treatments. Pancreatic cancer is often only discovered at a late stage. As a result, the chances of survival quite small.

Also the cooperation with Navican must help the prospects of cancer patients to improve. That health already has successful methods for precisiebehandelingen of tumors in an advanced stage. It goes wider to make it accessible to doctors worldwide with the help of information technology from Philips.

Further, Philips has developed new software that doctors, but also patients themselves helps to take decisions about their own treatment. On the basis of a variety of databases is to map how the different options which they can choose, have extracted for similar patients with a similar clinical picture. The company has collaborated with the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC).

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