Philippine president Duterte announces ‘separation’ of the U.S.

Philippine president Duterte announces ‘separation’ of the U.S.

Photo: AFP

The Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte wants the economic and military ties with the United States break.

That he has Thursday during a state visit to China said. Duterte, along with two hundred Filipino businessmen for a four-day visit in China. He speaks with the Chinese president Xi Jinping on improving the relationship, now that the US is deteriorating.

“I want my separation of the US to announce,” said Duterte, in a speech to Chinese audience. “So I am now your dependent. But don’t worry, I will help you too.”

“America has lost”, continued the president. He also plans to visit Russian president Vladimir Putin. “Then I say that it’s us three against the rest of the world. China, the Philippines and Russia.”


The Philippines and the US have always been allies and trading partners. Duterte has since his arrival no secret of his dependence on the US to want to reduce. So he called Barack Obama a ‘motherfucker’ before the Us president when visiting him.

Duterte since his appointment, regular criticism from the west because of his harsh approach to drug offenders and addicts. The war against drugs was the pillar of his election campaign earlier this year. In July came Duterte as president, and since then there have been more than three thousand fatal casualties in the fight against drugs.


The Philippines and China are trying during the visit of Duterte, the ratios to improve. That were declined by the tensions in the South China Sea. China claims a large part of the area, including reefs that are close to the Filipino coast. According to Duterte, this subject is a lower priority.

New trade contracts between the two countries must relationship improve. The Philippine handelsminister announced more than 12 billion in new deals.

The two countries make plans for the resumption of exports by the Philippines of agricultural products to China. In turn, finances, Beijing’s large infrastructure works in the poor Philippines.

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