Philippine authorities will start investigation of 8chan for child pornography

The Philippine authorities have launched an investigation into the controversial forum 8chan because of the possible images of child sexual abuse. In the country of residence of the owner of the forum, which is a breeding ground for right-wing extremism.

In the Philippines, got a call from the foreign intelligence services, Jim Watkins, to It is to move around. And that, says Victor Lorenzo, who is under your supervision in the cybercrimeafdeling of the criminal investigation department, against The Sydney Morning Herald. Watkins, a former U.s. soldier, was launched in 2014 and the owner of 8chan.

“When we visited, we found, also, child abuse, and a number of other illegal activities,” said Lorenzo. “Therefore, we will focus our study on child abuse, because it is a specific law in the Philippines, shall be observed.” It could result in a six-to twelve-year prison sentence.

The man who’s going to be a bloodbath havoc in the united states, El Paso is inspired by the users of the forum. As possible, put it in a manifesto, just prior to his assassination. The other far-right terrorists have also made use of 8chan, such as the one in march, against the form of mosques in New Zealand, and the man who, in april, a mosque in California, to put fire to a synagogue beschoot.

At the beginning of this month, he broke cyberbeveiliger Cloudflare, which web sites protect against denial-of-service attacks, all connections to the controversial forum. Since then, 8chan out of the blue, but Watkins has said that he is the forum to come back online to.

Who is the founder of 8chan, Fredrick Brennan, had previously been called upon for you to stop by our forum and he is no longer involved. “The world is not a good one. It is strictly negative for all of the users,” said Brennan in an interview.

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