Philippe Geubels a regular guest in the Best viewers

Philippe Geubels a regular guest in the Best viewers

The Flemish comedian Philippe Geubels and the Dutch actor and comedian Kasper van Kooten are the permanent panelists in the third season of the tv program Dear viewers.

In Dear viewers, recalls Ruben Nicolai back on the most notable tv clips of the week. He does this again together with teamcaptains Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Beau van Erven Dorens. Instead of changing well-known Dutch pan Philippe Geubels and Kasper van Kooten now weekly at teamcaptains Van Koningsbrugge and Van Erven Dorens.

Nicolai expected that in future a better balance between the comedians. “It is always getting used to it and see if it goes well and it does not collide between the comic people”, says Nicolai, the teams are in different rounds testing their knowledge of current tv clips.

“By Philippe Geubels and Kasper van Kooten often work together, we hope that they are more used to each other, touching.” Nicolai remembers BN’ers on slot beat when they were also guests in the program. With Geubbels and Van Kooten is a thing of the past.

In the first episode is missing, incidentally, Beau van Erven Dorens. Nicolai: “In the first episode of the slide, therefore, Philippe, to the chair of the team captain and will Roué Verveer along as a panelist.”

“What do you see?”

New this season is the section ‘What do you see?”. Nicolai: “The teams get a video clip to see where they have to guess what is happening behind the portion of the screen that is shielded.”

Ruben Nicolai combines the Best viewers with the presentation of RTL Boulevard and the recordings of the new season of Idols. “Dear viewers, is a party. I should each week presents to give out to the teamcaptains and the panelists.”

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