Philip Seymour Hoffman’s partner Mimi O’donnell details the late actor’s horrific drug addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Mimi O’donnell, 15 years before the end of the actor died in February 2014.


Philip Seymour Hoffman’s old partner, Mimi O’donnell, detailed and on Wednesday in the late actor’s struggle with drug addiction and how they and their children dealt with his death.

O’donnell, who had three children ─ Cooper, tallulah and Willa ─ with the actor, wrote in a long Vogue article about when Hoffman was considering to drink alcohol again after more than 20 years of sobriety — a time that she said was: “definitely a red flag.”

“He began with a drink or two, without it seeming a big deal, but at the time that the drugs came in the game, I confronted Phil, who admitted that he had gotten a hold of some prescribed opiates,” O’donnell said.

O’donnell confronted Hoffman and was able to stop prescription drug use, but not for long. After Hoffman finished with Mike Nichols’ “Death of a Salesman,” he began taking prescription drugs again, which led to the use of heroin — one of the drugs found in his system when he died in February 2014.

Philip Seymour Hoffman struggled with drug addiction, before he became a heroin overdose in February 2014.


O’donnell, who dated Hoffman for 15 years, felt the tragic end, and alerted Hoffman about his drug use.

“As soon as Phil began using heroin again, I felt it, terrified,” she recalled. “I said to him, ‘You’re going to die. That is what happens with heroin.’ Each day was filled with worry. Every night, when he went outside, I wondered: ‘Will I see him?'”

She detailed the time when Hoffman tried to stop the lethal drug on its own, her taking him to rehab, and relapse, before returning to rehab again.

“When Phil came back in November, he wanted so much to stay sober, and for the next three months he did. But it was a struggle, a heartbreaking to watch,” she said. “For the first time, I realized that his addiction was bigger than any of us.”

O’donnell said Hoffman’s death happened so quickly and that details around the splashed across the Internet. Hoffman had collapsed and they were ready for another go in a rehab, but he never made it.

Mimi O’donnell stands with her children Willa, tallulah and Cooper on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral.


Hoffman died at age 46 in his apartment in New York City. His cause of death was ruled an acute mixed drug intoxication that included heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine.

O’donnell added that while they expected the late actor to die when he started using heroin again, she was still not prepared for the moment.

“There was no feeling of peace or relief, just a wild pain and overwhelming loss. The most difficult-the impossible — the thing was thinking, ‘How do I tell my children that their father has just died? What are the words?'” she wrote.

She credited her friends, family and especially her three children for getting her through the difficult time.

“It’s been almost four years since Phil died, and the children and I are still in a place where the fact is there every day,” she said. “We talk about him constantly, only now we can talk about him without crying. That is the small difference, the piece of the progress we have made.”

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