‘Pharmacists paid medical specialists millions’

‘Pharmacists paid medical specialists millions’

Pharmaceutical companies pay medical professionals millions. Especially rheumatologists, internists, and pulmonologists have received a lot of money.

The millions are mainly invested in consulting work, speaking engagements, and congresbezoeken. It turns out that that Saturday to research by the Volkskrant.

According to the newspaper received more than 40 percent of the rheumatologists, and urologists last year, money from pharmaceutical companies. For pulmonologists, and internists, this was more than a third. Physicians ‘ organisation KNMG said earlier that only a few percent of all doctors earn. That average disguises that the payments are concentrated in a few specialties.

The newspaper analyzed the payments to more than 13,000 specialists in sixteen disciplines. It appears that, almost 2,400 doctors were paid. They received last year a total of 5.6 million euros from pharmaceutical companies. Most of the money (2.2 million euros) was used for travel and subsistence pay of doctors attending the congresses visited. Then pulled the industry € 1.4 million for speaking engagements.


The newspaper also looked at payments to hospitals, patient associations, and professional associations. The research shows that the pharmaceutical industry is everywhere in the health care sponsors. Most of the money went to the academic hospitals.

The Healthcare Inspectorate is investigating, according to the Volkskrant or the doctors who bijverdienden the geneesmiddelenwet have violated

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