Peter van der Vorst: ‘the Good Times will have no other broadcast coverage’

Good Times, Bad Times (GTST) is struggling with falling viewing figures, but, according to Peter van der Vorst continue with the series just to be at 20: 00 o’clock in the evening to see it. “You’re not pan,” says the programme director of RTL at

In October 2020, it is a celebration of the longest-running soap opera in the Netherlands to its thirty year anniversary. The probability that the GTST is still around at 20: 00 o’clock in the evening, it will be sent out, according to Van der Vorst “100 per cent”.

“It has been for more than thirty years, a very important aspect. The series score is not bad at all, it’s only going to score a goal. We’ll just have to adjust. We are still very happy with it. It’s just such a strong brand, and a lot of people, an institution, at this point in time. 20: 00, will remain at 20: 00 o’clock.”

“Then you will have to do it”

But of the Prince realizes, indeed, that the televisieavond on RTL 4 with a strong base is needed, “of Course, the time generally has decreased, as have a lot of channels and programmes to be bothered by it. But I’m just talking about market share which has declined. That is, market shares are very important to us. When it comes to the introduction of the rest of our evening. If the bags, then you will have to do.”

The station has already taken action. For example, the story-lines been recently a large group of writers under the guidance of a dramaturge at each other. In addition, with the return of carl Johnson and the departure of Britt Scholte and Vos Bosma and the reduction of the cast, it is stopped.

“The cast was very young, and all of them seemed to be a little on the side. But there is another one, the clothing, the hairstyles, and the luxury of the clothes. In this family, the character carl Johnson, ed.). looks like the one I have at home are also in the running, and that you will become more get back.”

‘We don’t’

The return of Jones is not that of the Prince of a range of actors and behind-the-hand, the quantity of the stages is to be questioned if it is necessary.

“So we don’t know. In the course of the season, but still have the other actors with it. There are also names that you’re thinking, ” how nice of you that join in as well. But it all depends on the story, and we are slowly working on building. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s a fact of life. The numbers have now stabilised, this is a good thing. That will draw even a little bit. And from there we would slowly go up.”

Hundreds of thousands of viewers through the Video

Adformatie earlier, in november last, from which each and every episode of Good Times, the Bad Times, to a maximum of 90,000 viewers will be looking at it via Video. In the media at RTL allows subscribers, among others, have the opportunity to have a new episode before watching. According to the Prince’s right to the amount at all.

“That’s even more so. That is, are the numbers that we have never known, but there are a few of the hundreds of thousands of think. That it is rising.”

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