Peter Jan Rens did marriage to express with thousands of people

Peter Jan Rens did marriage to express with thousands of people

Peter Jan Rens did his marriage proposal Saturday night aware compared to a duizendkoppig audience during a concert of Django Wagner-in the hope that his girlfriend Virginia van Eck no no would dare to say.

“I wanted to make sure that they yes would be to say”, said Rens Monday in RTL Boulevard. “I don’t know how many thousand men so when they’re gone, I would tell the people: love d” r.”

Van Eck took the still romantic and soon the tears rolled down her cheeks. “It all started to walk away. He went still more to say which I more and more was going to cry”, so she looked back.


Rens and Van Eck, who together have a daughter, had already huwelijksplannen but last year, their relationship suddenly hit the rocks. The upcoming mother-in-law of the presenter was one of the culprits, he said.

“Her mother, which I have never seen and who is angry at me, sees me as a dirty old man that her young daughter – I am 44 years old – has been hijacked. Yes, there has, of course, be equal in, but it’s true.”

Thanks to the advent of the cameras for their new reality show on RTL 5 was Rens and Van Eck, ‘the love’ back. “That reality came as a godsend,” said the former presenter. “I thought so, then I have a plea for you to tie.” In the series, the two followed in the run up to their wedding.

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