Pete Buttigieg is proposing the public option, saying it could lead “naturally” to “Medicare for all”

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Democratic presidential candidates in South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg sits down with Bret Baier to debate.

Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg unveiled a “Medicare for all who want it” plan, would support a government option for consumers that controls the price, aimed at the protection of people who claim that their private plans.

The plan, released on Thursday, is an attempt to distance by Buttigieg of the other Democratic 2020 candidate”, “Medicare-for-all” plans that would effectively kick the Americans out of their private insurance. To guarantee with a price of $1.5 trillion more than a decade, Buttigieg, South Bend, claims, universal care, such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., while the increase of subsidies for low-income persons.

The campaign, says one would pay the Buttigieg administration, for the public option — which includes the automatic and retroactive enrollment for someone without their own plan — the repeal of the Trump cuts the tax and the search for cost-savings through administrative reform.

“My approach is not only to do the right thing, for the Americans — it brings us together, rather than apart, pushing us even further, so we reach our old goal of universal affordable health care,” he said in a Washington Post op-ed published Thursday.


It is unclear how long the Americans could maintain their private insurance under Buttigieg’s plan, though, as he already reinforced conservative fears about a public option for the provision of unfair and ultimately destructive competition for private companies

“If the private insurers are unable or unwilling to offer better plans than they do today, the competition by the public alternative is, of course, Medicare-for-all,” he said.

Buttigieg’s plan just the latest of 2020 Democratic proposals was to promise consumer protection at the expense of private companies. His plan promised a series of price controls and regulations to prevent, it would be said that hospitals and insurers from charging exorbitant prices.

Contain a smooth cap on premiums to 8.5 percent of income, require in-network health-care facilities, to only the in-network Provider and block providers from charging more than twice what Medicare would for an out-of-network-service.

Buttigieg would also intensify the government’s monitoring of health care providers by beefing up federal anti-trust enforcement, and forcing them to report to the provider, at the cost of disparities around mental health.


Buttigieg is not likely to be in favour of the criticism of progressive as his plan goes so far, the approved type of large, government, system, Sanders and Warren.

As the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, Buttigieg would build the plan on the existing market places of the Affordable Care Act during Rollback-President Donald Trump animals is trying to demo, the Obama-era legislation. This policy is known to have brought him criticism from other 2020 candidates to criticize in him, as opposed to appear to be a counter-reaction to attack former President Obama’s administration.

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