Peta films cruelty geese: how animals are suffering for our down jacket

In shocking video footage shows Peta how geese, which for the donsindustrie grown, are mistreated. Fur is already longer in question, but down is in many cases equally cruel.

Down jackets are not only soft and heat-regulating, in some cases, they also help to animal cruelty. © istock

In a video of Peta, we see how the geese crushed and stifled. The geese that are bred for the donsindustrie and more in jackets of Canada Goose end up.

Heat insulator s

In a down jacket or under a down blanket, you have, it is never too hot or too cold.

Why do we use is actually down in coats and blankets? That is simple, the soft verentooi on the breast of birds is referred to as a heat insulator. The down keeps the bird up to temperature when they are in the water floating and the eggs warm during brooding.

In a down jacket or under a down blanket, you have it so never too hot or too cold. Therefore, clothe people, to not have to freeze or sweat while skiing in a down jacket. Down is a natural product and that is by donsleveranciers as a great advantage labeled.

Different methods

But down in the processing of products, should be removed from the animal where it grows. That can be done in different ways. Sometimes birds that for the meat industry, be grown, alive or gender picked. This book mainly deals with geese, which are bred for foie gras. In this way can the maximum profit be extracted from a goose, since both the liver as down – both premium products – of the animal can be sold.


To fuzz in products to process, it should be removed from the animal where it grows.

There are also birds, mainly geese, which are specially designed for the fuzz to grow. Also here there are different methods in which birds both dead and alive from down to be stripped. Mainly in China, where eighty percent of the down world comes from, are the geese still living, picked.

In principle, it is banned in Europe, Canada and the United States, but occasionally diving yet, images and stories from live plucked geese from these areas.


In the fashion industry is spoken, humane and ethical production of down when the animals are slaughtered for their verentooi are robbed and they are not forced to be fed. However, europe also have their reservations about this tactic.

When the geese in tight cages are held, huge stress experience, during transport to the slaughter no food or drink, and must see how their kin to be slaughtered, after all we can not speak of a humane treatment.


Peta US should be a consumentenfraudeklacht in as a result of these practices.

Let that now be exactly what happened with the geese, which in a video of Peta popping up. Peta US should, therefore, also a consumentenfraudeklacht in as a result of these practices.

“We understand and respect that some people have the opinion that animal products must never be used in products for consumers. We are sharing this picture, however, is not. We show commitment to be as transparent as possible, to communicate about how we make our products and feel it our duty to ethically and responsibly to produce’, can be read on the website of Canada Goose. Peta US claims that these promises are false and they fight on with an official complaint.


“This is misleading advertising, because there is nothing ‘human’ to trample and choke of geese, which at the neck are taken and, in small cages to be rammed for hours of terror and misery, ” says PETA Director of International Programs Mimi Bekhechi. ‘PETA is asking consumers to refuse to jackets Canada Goose to buy and all other products that are filled with the down of abused birds.’


Just swallow when you know that a down jacket easily a thousand euro will cost.

Canada Goose might think, sincerely, that their supplier ethical work and that they communicate transparently, yet there is something thoroughly wrong. The reportage of PETA US contains images from the Canadian James Valley Colony Farms in Manitoba, where 130.000 geese per year are bred, and the American Schiltz Foods of South Dakota, the largest ganzenslachthuis in North America. James Valley Colony Farms send the geese to Schiltz to be slaughtered and then sell their down to Feather Industries, the donsleverancier of Canada Goose.

Just swallow when you know that a down jacket easily a thousand euro will cost. Hopefully Canada Goose and other companies that work with down shaken up by this video and petition.

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